On an Open Weekend

Another weekend has gone and past, so how was yours? Did you celebrate National Ice Cream Day? Surprisingly, we went to Graeter’s! There still may be time to celebrate – after all – it may still be Sunday somewhere.

We had a low-key weekend, but stayed busy in the evenings with a night of ballroom and our church wine tasting group event.  Otherwise, I took time away from watching golf to take several long walks around our neighborhood.

For me, The Open Championship (British) is one of my favorite tournaments to watch. This year’s battle for the Claret Jug was on one of the old Scottish courses that tests players skills as balls uncontrollably bounce and roll across the twists and turns of Muirfield’s seaside setting. Congratulations to Phil Mickelson for his first-ever win at this great tournament.

The week ahead provides time to celebrate National Zookeeper Week; (Mon) Rat-Catchers Day, Penuche Fudge Day, Casual Pi Day, and Spooner’s Day; (Tues) Gorgeous Grandma Day and Hot Enough for Ya Day; (Wed) Cousins Day, National Drive-Thru Day, National Tequila Day, and Tell an Old Joke Day.

Phil Mickelson is talented golfer and a good guy. He may have just won the British Open, but his best prize for his effort may be being featured on this blog. For your Monday Morning Entertainment, enjoy this short clip from this bag of tricks … and a shot that I’m sure Bulldog has perfected. Have a good week!

On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 30

On the Tribute
I admit that a side of me was leery about the Michael Jackson tribute being an out-of-control sideshow – thus am glad that didn’t happen, so here are a few thoughts.

Positives: Very well done planned, dignified, balanced blend of tribute and memorial, focused on the good, contained many great statements I wish I would have written down because they were applicable and meaningful to all

Negatives: I can’t help but wonder how much was designed with future DVD sales in mind.

Future: I can’t wait to see Rep. Peter King’s (R-NY) vote on the mentioned House resolution.

On Odd Timing
On the day after the Jackson tribute, I saw this headline: Thin-looking Kim Jong II makes rare appearance at memorial

On Classic Dignity
Although many reality-show-based attitudes promote the contrary, many people still admire, seek, and promote dignity. This recent David Brooks column is worth reading.

On Twitter
Twitter was in Cincinnati’s news twice this morning. The first about a city council member sending tweets during a council meeting, and secondly, Bengals WR and self-promoting egotist Chad Ocho Cinco desiring to send tweets in team meetings, during games, and at halftime. To both I say this: Read the Brooks column and do your job.

On an Interesting Artist
For those enjoying art, Stephanie Clair’s works caught my eye, thanks to Maxi at Ovah’ Coffee.  This link shows Stephanie’s work, and the Artists link on the left sidebar leads viewers to other artists. Enjoy.

On Evolution and Religion Journey
I continue to read interesting information and learning about this subject. I’m currently reading by Nature, Reality, and the Sacred by Langdon Gilkey. Now deceased, Gilkey was a Professor of Theology at the University of Chicago’s Divinity School and was an expert witness at the historic evolution-creationism in education trial in Arkansas.

On Mickelson Prayers
Thoughts and prayers to Phil Mickelson and his family as they also deal with his mother’s breast cancer.

On Something to Ponder
Not long ago I purchased a book light for $4, which included 2 batteries. Replacement batteries cost $6.

On an Ambitious Energy Project
Masdar is a planned city located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates that is based on renewable resources and zero-carbon, zero-waste technologies. To stimulate thoughts, watch the 2-minute+ video below. To learn more, use this link to CNN Search Results that include many interesting resources, including one from GE.