On a Golfing Example of Life

I enjoy interesting stories about people who touch the special string in my heart, and it’s been a while since posting my last one. Brendan Foster, Nick Nelson and Adam Bender, Rebecca Alexander, Erik Compton, and others seen by clicking the Life category provide a variety of inspirations for all of us.

Besides life being full of ups and downs, many of us seem to have the knack for adding to our woes through exaggeration and denial. In the same light, one’s attitude greatly influences self.

Although each of our lives encounters its share of people who are either negative, self centered, a chip on their shoulder, or numerous other issues, the world still contains many good people. Unfortunately, it seems to be human nature to dwell on the few nimrods affecting us at the moment.

I play golf and have for a long time. Recently a golf-league friend sent me a Golf Channel link for an interview with an everyday person with an extraordinary attitude – Butch Lumpkin.

The YouTube video below shows his story. As a supplement, then click this Golf Channel link to hear his story.