On Oreos

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Oreos – a long-lasting brand from Nabisco (National Biscuit Company). From its March 1912 patient/trademark registration to announcing its appearance to American consumers, Oreos have treated multiple generations.

From the Oreo Biscuit to the Oreo Sandwich to the Oreo Creme Sandwich to just Oreos, this cookie is an iconic American brand with global appeal. Think back to the days when Oreos were just Oreos – simply two embossed chocolate-flavored wafers with a sweet vanilla cream filling in between. Did you bite into them whole or did you separate the wafers to then scrape the creme with your teeth?


Yes – those were the days – the days when Oreos were just Oreos. To Nabisco’s credit (now part of the Kraft empire), Oreo is now more than a classic cookie – it is a very successful brand. A brand that has transformed the iconic treat into a buyer’s dilemma.

Do you want some Oreos? Do you want regular size, king size, Thins, Bites, or Thin Bites? Do you made a small package, family size, or just a sleeve? Oh wait – they also come in Go-Packs, lunchbox size, convenience pack, and party size! You should consider 2 packs, 4 packs, multiple packs boxed as 4, 12, or 18 counts . Don’t forget a case of boxes!

Do wafer do you want: Chocolate, Golden, Heads or Tails (one of each)? Reminder – there is also a triple layered! (That’s three layers with two layers of creme.)

If you want Chocolate wafers, what stuffing flavor do you want? Your choices are vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, pistachio, cherry cola, birthday cake, double delight, mint creme, cool mint, red velvet, Mississippi mud pie, chocolate egg, cookie dough, brownie butter, chocolate chip cookie, peppermint bark, strawberry creme, peanut butter creme, banana split, Reese’s peanut butter, butter creme, Dunkin Donut mocha, chocolate peanut butter pie, rocky road trip, hot & spicy cinnamon creme, fireworks with popping candy, spring, winter, and Halloween

Don’t forget the fudge dipped and white fudge covered – which is different from the white chocolate fudge.

If you want Golden wafers, what stuffing flavor do you want? Your choices are salted caramel, cinnamon bun, waffles & syrup, blueberry pie, fruity crisp, candy corn, lemon creme, pumpkin spice, chocolate creme, rainbow sherbet, jelly donut, strawberry shortcake, kettle corn, and popping candy.

How do you want the creme: double-stuffed, mega-stuffed, or just the standard?

Oh, you want Reduced Fat Oreos? That can be done – but the choices are limited.

For me on this day, I didn’t buy any Oreo’s because they didn’t have what I wanted – a snack pack of Mini Bytes Heads or Tails Thins with double-stuffed salted caramel filling that are dipped in fudge. What’s a person with a craving to do in the age of Oreos not being just Oreos any more?


On Grocery Store Incidents

A grocery store is a wonderful place to witness a wide range of human behavior. Maybe that is a reason I used the marketplace in past posts. My recent trips brought these situations to my attention.

I cannot believe the idea came to me too late. A lady, who was buying a regular size bag of potato chips, was in front of me in the self-checkout aisle. I got the impression that she just put some money on a gift card, which had made its way through the cybermaze. The clerk got involved and directed the lady to the service counter. Then it hit me – I should have purchased the chips for her.

Some things make me feel guilty. For instance, one time I went back to the bank after discovering the clerk gave me 12 cents too much. Recently, I couldn’t pass on the calling from the Cadbury Egg display. Once I got to the car, I noticed I did not run egg through the scanner because it was still in the cart – not a bag. Heck yes I ate it, but several days later when I returned to the store, I paid for the egg with one from the display, and then returned the egg to the display

On the way out of the store, someone left a cart in the middle of a parking space, which was a space-and-a-half from the cart corral. To top it off, it was in the middle of a handicap parking spot. I pushed the cart into the stall, but I admit mumbling unkind thoughts. Later I wondered if the guilty party was physically capable of pushing the cart to its rightful spot. I will never know, and will not venture to guess – but I do wonder.

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On a Last-Minute Monday

Our weekend was full with a Christmas party Friday evening, followed by a stay-over trip to Ft. Wayne, Indiana (3-hour drive) for a family gathering; thus time at home was short. On the other hand … Yippee … no time in a major shopping area!

This is the final week of the hectic shopping season. Stores will be busy, traffic will be a hassle, and some minds will achieve frenzy status. In order to help those needing ideas for the hard-to-buy person, this video will deliver the desire while also starting the crazy week with a chuckle. Have a good week.

In Search of Popcorn

As the grocery shopper in our home, I noticed we were out of popcorn. So on one of my grocery story runs, I remembered to add popcorn to the list.

popcornEveryone knows that today popcorn world is about the microwave, yet various “old ways” as do-it-yourself kernels and Jiffy Pop in its own pan are still available on the bottom shelf. One must admit that the microwave method sure is easy.

So there I am, at the store and standing in front of the popcorn choices – not looking at the 3-5 brands, but at the styles. There’s Butter, Buttery, Extra Butter, Light Butter, Extra Light Butter, Movie Butter, Movie Theater Butter, Old Fashion Butter, Buttery Lovers, Xtreme Butter, Ultimate Butter, Buttery Explosion, Jumbo Pop Butter, Natural with Butter, 94% Fat-Free Butter, Buttery Garlic, Tender White with Real Butter, Cheddar White Cheddar, Homestyle, Kettle Style, Smart Movie Style, Caramel, and the ever-popular Mantequilla.

Now keep this in mind – all I want is plain popcorn. I don’t want butter or any extra flavors, just plain popcorn. As I continued to gaze upon the massive offerings, I finally saw it … Natural: Light with 50% Fat than Regular Popcorn, but still more sodium than I desired … and the store brand of all things. Considering my options: SOLD!

And for those needing topic-related music, enjoy the video. Do you know the song Hot Buttered Popcorn?