On Skanks and a Menu

In terms of being able to deliver answers to your needs, I’ve listened to my readers and will now address two burning questions that have been on your mind.

(Question #1) Are reality shows setting unrealistic expectations for shanks? Since this is probably a question on everyone’s mind, the Onion News Network attacks this burning question. Caution: Not for people easily offended by language.

(Question #2) If you knew it was your last meal, what would order/have served?

Although it’s an interesting question to ponder, I want to take a different angle. In past posts about themselves, BEEZE stated he would like to own his own restaurant. I dedicate this post to BEEZE as a suggestion for his menu … a possible offering of a Last Meal Selections. The song is a bit slow getting started, so be patient. Enjoy!

Video courtesy of YouTube.