On Two Time-tested Treats

Anyone can recall various products from the past that are no longer around or not easily found. Besides, the older we are, the more products we can recall. It just so happens that I recently encountered one of mine plus another classic treat.

On one of my trips to my hometown to deal with my dad’s estate, I stopped by get gas – and got an urge for an RC. (For those who don’t know, RC is Royal Crown Cola.) Well, no RC at the SE Ohio station surprised me – so I kept looking for what would fulfill my urge – and then, my eye caught something on the bottom shelf that I have not seen in years – a bottle of Ski. Then, while at the counter, I saw the all-new Peanut Butter Crunch Moon Pie.

The Double Cola Company introduced Ski in 1956 as an orange and lemon citrus carbonated drink. Moon Pie is much older as the brand by dating back to 1917. Ironically, both of these classics started in Chattanooga, TN.

By the way, both hit the spot as the snack I needed that day. I think Joe would approve.