On a Beach Walk: No. 35

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

I see the faces of people I pass during the walk. I believe some people look at the sea and see faces in the water – but I don’t.

On the other hand, the sky is a place for faces. On this day, a full moon is in the daytime sky. Although it is not a bright smile as its nighttime glow, Mr. Moon’s presence is known – yet it can be easily missed. Each of us have memories of that face and how we see it.

Given that it’s daytime, we know Mr. Sun brightly shines to illuminate other faces; but we don’t see its face – yet we value its presence as it warms our face.

The clouds in the sky are always moving and changing. Sometimes they are happy and/or spiritual; other times a menacing evil. Sometimes a distinctive profile; other times an imaginative image as an ultrasound baby.

I think about real human faces – the ones that I pass during my walk and the ones that I’ve encountered through my 65 years. The many faces I’ve seen in malls, crowds, in my classes, during travels, and at any gathering I’ve attended. The faces of different people – the young and the old – the able and the disabled – the men and the women – the faces of different cultures and races.

The faces of different gifts and abilities – the musical, the artistic, the analytical, the athletic, the strong, the generous, the helpers, the kind, and many more.

The faces of smiles and kindness who are willing to embrace everyone. Those whose help lifts the faces of others.

The faces who are willing to share. The faces who truly try to help change the faces of others by helping a variety of needs – these are the faces bringing the shining light of humanity – but so are the kind faces who smile to each other as the pass when walking the beach.

Let’s keep on smilin’ because I like walking the beach as it is good for the body, mind, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

On Ten Things Causing Me to Smile

Although I have done a couple, in general, I am not big into tags – but there are times I enjoy reading them. As a writer, tags stimulate short thoughts on random topics – as a reader, tags provide an opportunity to learn more about person behind the blog. I occasionally post things about myself, but as I general rule, that’s not my style – however, it’s been a while, so why not!

Maxi, writer of Ovah Coffee and several other blogs, tagged me in this post. She is one of my international readers – and one whose blog I read when I can. Besides being a good writer, knowing multiple languages, and obviously intelligent, she seems personable, genuine, and nice. Besides, sure wish I had half of her readership.

Cheers Maxi for getting me to post 10 things that make me smile. Disclaimer: Neither preferential order here – nor am I saying these are my top 10 – but I am this list.

I’m not much about tagging either, but I  tag Rad, Tim, Beeze, David, and Mo.

1) During anything with my wife that we both want to do

2) Tasting a wonderful wine at a wine tasting with presenter helping me learn

3) Whether past, present, or future, I appreciate positive interactions with positive people

4) Whether our own or those of others, I appreciate pets. Interesting with an accepting dog or cat is always a pleasure.

5) Good wine and good information at a wine tasting is good for the mind. Good wine with good food is a great combination. Sharing good wine accompanied by good food with friends creates many smiles.

6) Seeing news items supporting my belief that good people exist in every country throughout the world

7) Writing for the blog because it forces me to think and learn

8) Watching one of my sports teams win – especially over a rival

9) Whether on the golf course, the ballroom floor, in the kitchen, in the handbell choir, or whatever, doing something well and receiving a compliment brings an outward slight smile, but a big smile within myself

10) Shania Twain