Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 10

On Politics
The more Minority Leader John Boehner talks, the more pathetic he gets. As for Speaker Pelosi, she’s on a mission to achieve the party’s agenda. Unfortunately for her mission doesn’t match the public’s wants and needs! Since Pelosi and Boehner were elected by their peers, so what does that say about the peers? Throw the bums out!

By the way, the second ranking Republican in the House is Eric Canter (R-Va); and his record lately on PolitiFact Check hasn’t been very good.

Interestingly, the Republican National Committee elected a new leader: Michael Steele, the most moderate of the candidates. Now this is going to be interesting.

Three nominees with tax problems, two step aside, but one makes it through. Hmmm … should Secretary Geithner step down?

Let’s subject all members of Congress to a tax audit!

On President Obama’s Mistakes

  • The vetting process for the cabinet positions was touted for being thorough … so was it the process or the nominees withholding information?
  • Citing he won the election was a mistake; considering that President Bush boosted about his “political capital” didn’t keep it long.
  • Taking votes in his own party for granted.
  • Grabbing the bait tossed by Rush Limbaugh.

On the Economy
Even if the Senate passes a revised bipartisan stimulus bill by a 100-0 vote, chances are it won’t fit my parameters.

On the stimulus bill, see Cleaner and Faster by columnist David Brooks.

It’s interesting to see the U.S. Chamber of Commerce being against the “buy American” portion of the bill.

Mr. President; If Congress doesn’t get it right (and chances are they won’t), use your veto.

On Snow
Snow is nature’s way of creating a white wonderland. It also causes me to shovel the driveway so local government can block my driveway and my mailbox – thus, giving me more work and getting another government agency (USPS) to require me to clear the mess by my mailbox that the local government created.

On a Sermon
My pastor used 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 to preach about old and new Christians groups in Corinth debating on what to do with the newly sacrificed meat. Afterwards, I asked him, “What about the Corinthians who were vegans and PETA members?”

I’m honored to receive three recognitions within a week: the Permio Dardos Award, honorary membership in the American Heartland Party, and a debut on BWE Throwdown. Although very diverse, but I’m touched.