On a Snit about a Fear

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I interrupt my regularly scheduled post for a timely message. Some may say a bit of a snit. Allow me to scream first.

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Although I am far from the Democratic Left, President Trump’s frequent cry of “Socialism” and Republicans yelling “Socialism” as a response to the Progressive message of the Green New Deal has gotten under my skin more than the agenda itself.

My response is an important question to the GOP and their minions: When are you going to campaign against government-run taxpayer-funded Socialstic programs?

Eliminating (not reforming) Social Security
Eliminating unemployment benefits
Eliminating food stamps
Eliminate government housing
Stop housing assistance
Stop funding public roads & schools
Eliminate disability payments
Eliminate benefits for government employees
Eliminate Medicare
Eliminate Medicaid
Eliminate financial assistance for foster care, adoption child care & development
Eliminate food and health programs for children through schools
Eliminate health insurance assistance
Eliminate assisting communities with local services
Eliminate educational loans & grants for schools & students
Eliminate funding for museums & libraries
Eliminate subsidies for business
Eliminate public-funded transportation
Eliminate farm subsidies
Abolish the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)
Abolish the Small Business Administration (SBA)
Abolish the Veterans’ Administration (VA)

… and I’m sure there are many more examples.

I know you won’t answer the question, so I’ll answer it for you. You won’t because you are gutless hypocrites who can’t practice want they preach for you are the party of fear and anger who preys on ignorance. No wonder I left the party.

On Republican Socialism

Dear Republican Members of Congress as well as the Republican National Committee,

I realize that politics is a tough business, and in that climate, hyperboles are commonly used to combat the other side. Since I’m not stupid, and neither is much of America, please stop use “socialism” as one of your fear-mongering terms. Knowing that you will ignore my plea, I’ll set forth some conditions for its use.

Use “socialism” is you are willing to denounce the prescriptive drug program adopted during the recent Bush administration.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to denounce the initial TARP plus any and all other aid to banks in any form.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to declare the elimination of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to declare the elimination of unemployment benefits.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to denounce any and all forms of national health care.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to declare the elimination of all farm subsidies.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to denounce any funding of any kind (grants, subsidies, tax breaks, etc) to any and all private businesses regardless of size.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to selling the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and all other federally-owned corporations to private enterprise.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to say that all research for alternative energies must be driven and provide by the private sector without the any government assistance.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to declare that all airports should be privately owned.

Use “socialism” if you are willing to denounce and seek the overturn of any and all socially-supported programs established by President Reagan and every Republican president before and after.

Knowing that you will not only ignore my plea and my conditions, thus speak with forked tongue, at least proclaim Joe the Plumber as your candidate in 2012!