Dance: The Musical – Act 1: Dance

The Story
Dance: A rhythmic movement to music

Dance: Shake a leg, cut the rug, trip the light, get down, groovin, jivin’

Dance: Sways, twirls, gyrations, dips, whirls, hops, spins, swings, shimmiesDancePlaybill

Dance: Ballet, Disco, Club, Boogie, Ballroom, Contemporary, Belly, Square, Hip-hop

Dance: An expression of feelings – a story – a style

Dance: As a metaphor – When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. (Wayne Dyer, psychologist)

Whether as a ritual, a tradition, or the sign of the times, dance is an expression that crosses many cultures. Dance is social, ceremonial, and competitive. Whether at a club, in a ballroom, on a gymnastic mat, in water, on a stage – dance is personal – dance is fun – dance is energy on display. Dance expresses – Dance entertains.

From the time we are babies bouncing along in someone’s arms or on a lap, dance has played a role in everyone’s life in some way. Dance: The Musical aims to capture the essence of this activity that brings joy to many

Act 1: Dance
Dance: The Musical starts with dance – that is all songs must have Dance in the title.

Caution: Other forms of the word (dance) as dancer, dances, dancing, dancin’, dancefloor, dancehall, and any other form of the word are excluded from this act.

Production Note
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Welcome to Opening Night of the latest aFa Production – Dance: The Musical. High school dances on the weekends were big back in my day. In honor of those days in my past and for your opening entertainment – ladies and gentlemen – it’s time to Dance to the Music with Sly and the Family Stone.