Meals: The Musical – Act 8: Desserts

The Story
Meals: The Musical is an original aFa production is about an important aspect of daily life – eating.

Whether a snack, something on the run, a glorious sit-down feast, or something in between and regardless of the time of day, food is a life necessity. There are three aspects to a truly fantastic meal: the food, the occasion, and the company. We know Meals: The Musical is a festive occasion where friends gather to share wonderful music – thus the acts will focus on what the dining friends encounter.

MealsPlaybillProgram (Past Posts)
Act 1: Meals
Act 2: Fruit
Act 3: Side Dishes
Act 4: Meat
Act 5: Ingredients
Act 6: Non-alcoholic Drinks
Act 7: Alcoholic Drinks

Act 8: Desserts
We’ve had a wonderful meal, but diners have left room for dessert. After all, history shows that the human sweet tooth has been around a long time. The ancient Chinese, the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Europe of the Middle Ages, and many others have enjoyed sweet delicacies and treats.

For Act 8, song titles must include a dessert. Good examples include (but not limited to) dessert, cake, tart, pastry, pudding, ice cream, pie, and their plural forms.

Notes of Caution

  • No cookies
  • No candy
  • No fruits unless as a descriptor of a dessert: Blueberry Hill (no), Blueberry Pie (yes)

Production Note
To prevent browsers crashing from loading too many videos, please 1) include the song title and artist in your text, and 2) paste the URL as part of your last line (not a new line). The latter will provide a link, thus not embed the actual video … but I don’t mind unembedding, so apologies are not necessary.

We love to open an act with a classic, and this time we venture back to the early days of television. She was a star with a popular variety show, so making her first appearance ever at an aFa musical production, let’s give a rousing welcome to Dinah Shore singing Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy.