On Scoop Ohio

Although the final debate is in progress during the publishing of this post, I decided to make it a clean sweep – thus I did not watch. Nonetheless, this post is about the information that you don’t hear.

As anyone tracking the U.S. presidential campaign knows, Ohio is one of the key battleground states. As the country 17th state and our 18 electoral votes, we (unfortunately) lead the country in campaign ads. Nonetheless, with all the campaign reports from Ohio, this post is about information you may not know.

Visiting Ohio is visiting the world: Amsterdam, Athens, Baltic, Berlin, Cadiz, Calcutta, Dresden, Dublin, Dunkirk, Geneva, Genoa, Holland, Lebanon, Lima, Lisbon, Milan, London, Macedonia, Moscow, Ontario, Poland, Seville, Sidney, Toledo, Venice, and Versailles

Visiting Ohio is visiting the UK: Dover, East Liverpool, Glouster, Guernsey, Kent, London, Oxford, and Sheffield

Visiting Ohio is visiting biblical sites: Bethel, Bethesda, Damascus, Delphos, Goshen, Pisgah, and Shiloh

Visiting Ohio is visiting the USA: Albany, Baltimore, Buffalo, Fresno, Louisville, Nevada, Oregon, Reno, Syracuse, Washington, and Wyoming

Visiting Ohio for its many new places: New Athens, New Boston, New Breman, New Carlisle, New Concord, New Lebanon, New Lexington, New London, New Madison, New Metamora, New Miami, New Middletown, New Paris, New Philadelphia, New Richmond, New Springfield, New Straitsville, New Vienna, New Washington, and New Waterford; then toss in Newark, Newburgh Heights, Newcomerstown, Newport, Newton Falls, and Newtown

Visiting Ohio to climb the mountain towns of Mt. Carmel, Mt. Gilead, Mt. Healthy, Mt. Orab, Mt. Repose, Mt. Sterling, and Mt. Vernon (of which many are flat)

Visiting Ohio for people names: Amanda, Amelia, Ashley, Beverly, Bevis, Bryan, Clyde, Dayton, Felicity, Franklin, Geneva, Harrison, Heath, Hiram, Jackson, Kent, Logan, Lucas, Mack, Marion, Mason, Perry, Randolph, Ross, Quincy, Shelby, Sidney, Spencer, Troy, Warren, Wayne, and Willard

Visiting Ohio with a pronouncing guide

  • Berlin (BURR lin)
  • Lancaster (LAN ca ster)
  • Lebanon (LEB bun un)
  • Lima (LIE muh)
  • Milan (MY lund)
  • Moscow (MOSS cow)
  • Rio Grande (RYE o grand)
  • Russia (RUE she)
  • Toledo (toe LEE doe)
  • Versailles (Vur SALES)
  • Wooster (WUH ster)
  • I let you try “Gnadenhutten”

Visiting Ohio to visit colorful towns starting with Blue, Red, White, Green, Black, Brown, Yellow, and Orange

I have been to Coolville, but never to Hicksville

I am from a county named after a man with the first name Return

Upper Sandusky is south and west of Sandusky

Some guys fall so in love they forget if they Dayton people from Eaton, or … I’ll let you figure out the rest

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Enjoy the song and slide show. (Although I see several visual mistakes)

On Ohio Firsts

Probably most people don’t know much about the state of Ohio where I’ve lived for all but a few months of my life. Even this is not my first post about the Buckeye state (see it here), so here’s another attempt to enhance your knowledge about Ohio firsts.


  • First professional baseball team, Cincinnati Red Stockings (1869)
  • First MLB night game, Crosley Field (Cincinnati Reds)
  • First Black to play professional baseball, Moses Fleetwood Walker (1883)
  • First Black in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Emlen Tunnell (University of Toledo)
  • First Black to play in the American League (Larry Doby, Cleveland Indians  (1947)

Individual Feats

  • First successful powered airplane flight, Wright Brothers (1903)
  • First man on the moon, Neil Armstrong (1969)
  • First American to orbit Earth, John Glenn (1962)
  • First man to sail solo from America to England in a 13.5 ft sailboat; Robert Mandry
  • First woman to fly a single engine plane solo around the world; Jerrie Mock

Corporate Firsts

  • First rubber tire manufactured; BF Goodrich (1896)
  • First tubeless tire, PW Litchfield (1903)
  • First disposable diaper , Procter and Gamble, 1962)
  • First electric coffee grinder, Kitchen Aid (1937)
  • First synthetic detergent, Procter and Gamble (1944)
  • First pre-mixed paint, Sherwin Williams
  • First blackboard chalk, American Crayon Co (1835)
  • First vacuum cleaner manufacturer, WH Hoover Company (Canton)
  • First floating soap (Ivory); Procter & Gamble
  • First PVC, Waldo Semon, BF Goodrich (1926)
  • First bar code, National Cash Register Company
  • First recycling aluminum process, Charles Hall (1886)
  • First foam-soled bedroom sleepers, RG Berry Co (1947)
  • First synthetic rubber tire (BF Goodrich)

Ohioan Inventions or Patents
Aircraft de-icer, alkaline storage battery, automobile hydraulic shock absorber, automobile self-starter, camera, cash register, chewing gum, electrical starting motor, folding step ladder, Formica, Freon, Fuzzbuster, Gatling gun, guided missle, incandescent light bulb, lacquer paint for automobiles, leaded gasoline, light-weight diesel locomotive, LCD,  Mr. Coffee, padded bicycle seat, phonograph, Play-Doh, pop-top can, refrigerated boxcar, ratchet wrench. Richter scale, Sakcrete, space helmet, space suit, standardized yeast, telephone switchboard, Telflon, tickertape machine, traffic light, UNO card game, vacuum cleaner, wind tunnel