On Variety Show Saturday

I wanted to try something different for today. Besides, I don’t want to mess up a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoon post!

Because I haven’t tried the time/scheduled post function, this weekend is a good time to try. Therefore, wherever you are at whatever time, and no matter the mood, there’s probably something below to strike your fancy.  Watch as many as you want. Return at different part of your day. Nonetheless, but I want to know: What did you watch?

For those needing the Saturday morning cartoon fix, watch one of the all-time, great introductions


One of my favorite overtures, the very moving Festive Overture


Get some energy with Riverdance


Perhaps you prefer a graceful trip around the dance floor


Enjoy the pleasant tones of a choir and orchestra version of Call Me Maybe


Jump on for a quick tour of the city of my birth


Nothing like job interview tips from a hyper comic


Maybe you want the soothing, mystical sounds of handbells


Grins from Squirrels and Gangnam Style


A great training video for learning how to twirl your tassels


For those who have the time an interest, here is a Cincinnati tradition on Labor Day – a sensational 30-minute fireworks display choreographed to music

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 96

On the Big Picture of Life
Last Friday I mentioned my friend’s 4-year old special needs daughter with epilepsy who had surgery the day. Not only was the surgery successful, the hospital discharged her earlier than anticipated and the entire family returned home (several time zones away). Simply awesome!


  • A special rapture post tomorrow
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On Politics
Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are in. Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump are out. Mitch Daniels is still pondering. Michelle Bachmann seems to be readying her announcement. Some pundits are now mentioning Texas Governor Rick Perry’s name. Yawn ……

Another week done and another week without the House of Representatives passing a jobs bill. Meanwhile, I appreciated this USA Today column that looked at globalization and US employment and this David Brooks column, which is a good accompaniment.

This recent Gallup poll shows American are dissatisfied with Congress. Move over Einstein, here comes Gallup! Yet, 57% are happy with those serving them. Maybe that means voters are the problem. Also, I continue to maintain that just like the Democrats in 2008, the Republicans of 2010 have misread the election results.

Gallup also published this look at GOP supporters in terms of education and salary – but you can draw your own conclusions.

On the Potpourri
Today is May 20th, the 140th day of the year; and to date we Cincinnatians have received around 30 inches of rain so far this year. Given the average annual rainfall in Cincinnati (my home) is 36 inches, that means we have received 83.3% of the average rain over 38.3% of the days.

Given tomorrow’s end of the world, the Reds magic number to clinch the NL Central championship is three.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has information about preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. This is wonderful!

US News and World Report published the World’s Prettiest Places. I have only been to one on their list, but my personal list (that I’ve seen) would include the Na Pali Coast and the Amalfi Coast. Check out those links! What’s the most beautiful place you have visited?

If anyone ever wants to know how to twirl breast tassels, here’s a training video.

Meanwhile, enjoy this song by a Canadian band from my youth, and still one of my all-time favorite songs.