On Two Crazy Birds


It’s Heckle and Jeckle!

A pair of identical magpies in appearance and who are brash, cynical and antagonistic to deliberately annoy and outwit foes with comic aggression

Also characterized by their witty banter with each other

They seldom referred to each other by name

#25 on TV Guide’s All-Time Cartoon Characters


  • Speaks with an English accent
  • Uses refined language
  • Refers to Heckle as “old chap”, “old thing”, “old boy” or “old featherhead”
  • More devious than Heckle
  • Initially more polite


  • Speaks with a gruff New York dialect
  • More rough and informal than refined
  • Refers to Jeckle as “chum” or “pal”
  • More confrontational than Jeckle

They can sing (as in the beginning of Blue Plate Symphony (1954)



Created by Paul Terry at his own Terrytoons animation studio

Heckle and Jeckle preceded Goofy Gophers (Warner Brothers) and Chip ‘n’ Dale (Disney)

5 voices actors (1946-1981) with Sid Raymond being the first

52 Heckle and Jeckle theatrical shorts
First appearance The Talking Magpies (Terrytoons, 1946)
Last appearance Birds of Paradise (Filmation, 1981)
Last made by CBS Messed-Up Movie Makers (1966)

Appeared as husband and wife in The Talking Magpies, which only last one episode  (If she prefers, Tiny Geek can click here for a low-quality version in French)


First television appearance July 13, 1956, CBS Cartoon Theatre hosting by Dick Van Dyke

Frequently appeared on various Mighty Mouse shows and eventually, their own show

Also appeared in comic books as Terrytoon Comics,  St. John Publications, Pines Comics, Dell Comics, and Gold Key Comics

Enjoy Taming the Cat (1948)

On a Terrific Tom

Alright everyone For those who don’t know the words, look below the video because it’s sing-a-long time.

Terrytoons presents

The real, great adventures of me, Tom Terrific! I’m Tom Terrific,
with Mighty Manfred, the Wonder Dog!
I’m Tom Terrific, greatest hero ever!
Terrific is the name for me, ’cause I’m so clever.
I can be what I want to be, and if you’d like to see,
Follow, and follow me! If you see a plane up-high,
A diesel train go roaring by.
A bumble bee, or a tree, it’s me! When there is trouble,
I’m there on the double.
From the Atlantic to the Pacific,
They know Tom Terrific! Aaand, I’m Mighty Manfred, the Wonder dog,
Aaand Tom’s ever faithful companion.


  • Tom Terrific, a kid hero living in a treehouse
  • Funnel-shaped hat (called the Transformation Trinket) made him smarter and could transform him into what he wanted in order to solve the problem
  • Accompanied by Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog
  • Terrific was ranked # 32 by TV Guide magazine among its “50 Greatest TV Cartoon Characters


  • Created by Gene Deitch under the Terrytoons studio
  • Deitch adapted Tom from his earlier newspaper comic strip, “Terr’ble Thompson!”
  • Created specifically for the Captain Kangaroo show from 1957-1959. After 1962, Tom Terrific would be broadcast every other week, alternating with Lariat Sam
  • All the voices were performed by Lionel Wilson
  • black and white drawings + simple animation = low budget
  • Terrytones produced 26 stories produced with each story split into five parts for broadcast each weekday morning, therefore 130 five-minute shorts produced
  • Later on Captain Kangaroo, episodes were edited for two episodes

Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog was a lazy dog with a big appetite

Manfred inspired this music group (Mighty Manfred and the Wonderdogs)

Arch-foe named Crabby Appleton, whose motto was, “I’m rotten to the core!”

Other foes included Mr. Instant, the Instant Thing King, Captain Kidney Bean, Sweet Tooth Sam, the Candy Bandit, the Silly Sandman, and Isotope Feeney, and The Meany

Crabby Appleton inspired this music group

Enjoy The Next Part about Isotope Feeney’s Foolish Fog (embedding is disabled)

On Super Mouse

First appeared in Mouse of Tomorrow 1944, Last appearance Cat Alarm 1961 sandwiching 78 theatrical shorts

Created by Terrytoons (a 20th Century Fox studio)

Originally named Super Mouse (in the first 7 films)

Intentionally dressed similar to Superman

Voiced by Roy Hallee, Sr., Tom Morrison, and Patrick Pinney

Superpowers include flight, X-ray vision, super strength, telekinesis, turn back time

Two recurring female leads: Pearl Pureheart and Mitzi

Oil Can Harry is the common evil villain cat

Characters often sing opera songs

Received an Oscar nomination for Short Subject (Cartoon) in 1945

CBS bought the rights, and then aired Mighty Mouse Playhouse 1955-1967 with supporting characters including Heckle and Jeckle, Dinky Duck, and Gandy Goose

Mighty Mouse and the Mighty Heroes (Diaper Man, Cuckoo Man, Rope Man, Strong Man, and Tornado Man) aired for two years

The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle aired 1969-1981 (41 shows)

A Kentucky family (with too much time on their hands and obvious UK basketball fans) interpreted a scene as Mighty Mouse snorting cocaine, thus reporting this to the American Family Association, which demanded changes

“Thus ends the adventure of Super Mouse…he seen his job and he done it!”

Mighty Mouse and the Mighty Heroes Intro


Barbershop-Style Introduction 1987-89