On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 45

On President Obama’s Oslo Speech
I didn’t hear President Obama’s speech at the Noble Prize ceremony, but here are two interesting reviews from two columnists I appreciate: David Brooks and Kathleen Parker; the later has the priceless opening below.

After Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize speech, anyone still questioning whether he is really a Christian, rather than a Muslim aligned with fanaticism, needs to seek therapy forthwith.

Anyone still unconvinced that Obama is really an American committed to his nation’s values, rather than an impostor who doesn’t pledge allegiance to his critics’ satisfaction, should probably surrender to the asylum.

On the Global Climate Buzz
With all eyes are on Copenhagen and the U.N.’s climate-change conference, each side has loaded the media with reports saying why the other side is wrong. To all I say these two points followed by one question:

  • The debate isn’t really about climate, but rather politics, ideology, and economics.
  • Each side intentionally selects data to make their point while avoiding the other data.
  • Would someone analyze all the data and make a pragmatic decision?

On No Crosstown Buzz
The University of Cincinnati and Xavier University are a bit more than 3 miles apart. Given their close proximity and long-time respectability in the hoops arena, mega-hype precedes the game. Given the Bengals’ success and the media circus around Brian Kelly’s departure for Notre Dame, this year’s game didn’t get much attention until game day.

On the Heisman Trophy
Congratulations to Alabama’s Mark Ingram for winning this year’s Heisman Trophy. On paper, the award goes to the best player in college football. In reality, it goes to the best offensive player on the highest rank team.

On Cutting into Learning Time
Since mid-October I’ve been working on a full-time project that takes about 10 hours out of my day. The downside is that the project has severely cut into my reading and writing time – thus less learning and less time reading things that I like to read. My apologies to fellow bloggers whose sites I haven’t visited in some time.

On the XM Dial
Given my eclectic tastes in music, I appreciate XM radio providing a variety of music for my daily drive. The Message, a contemporary Christian music channel, is one of the gems I’ve discovered. First of all, it’s definitely not mellow. Secondly, I like hearing some of the unique names as Casting Crowns, Jars of Clay, and the Sidewalk Prophets. Here’s a song to enjoy!

On XM 32: The Message

XM Channel 32 is The Message, a station focusing on contemporary Christian music. I don’t know much about this genre; however, I do know what my ear and mind like, and this channel works for me.

So if I don’t know many of the artists featured on this station, why does it earn a preset on my radio?

  • I find it pleasing
  • The tempo is upbeat
  • In general I don’t focus on lyrics as I like rhythms
  • When I do listen to lyrics, these have a positive message

I don’t listen to The Message all the time, but there are times I prefer it. Meanwhile, Stephen Curtis Chapman performed a concert after a recent Reds baseball game. Since I knew he’s won a Grammy and one heard on The Message, I stuck around for the post-game concert … and it was well done! I was amazed at the number of people who knew the lyrics to many of his songs.

Below are two songs I’ve enjoyed on The Message plus a Stephen Curtis Chapman video.  See what you think … and if you like the sound, turn to XM Channel 32. Below the videos are links to other XM channel posts.

Jars of Clay: Two Hands

Newsboys: In the Hands of God

Stephen Curtis Chapman: Dive

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