On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 52

On the White House, Republicans, and Health Insurance
Recent news has President Obama inviting Republicans to bring their ideas to the table. Here are the problems I see with this step.

  • Of course is it a fight for bipartisanship or a ploy to blame the other side?
  • President Obama is admitting the previous process shutout Republicans
  • Even if the White House and GOP find common ground, getting Speaker Pelosi (the one controlling legislation) to buy in is another matter
  • Republicans will probably still vote no.

On the other hand, many voters see the current partisan tone as a negative, so now there’s a race to see how can demonstrate bipartisanship.

On Senator Shelby
Until earlier this week, Senator Shelby (R-AL) was intentionally medaling the federal appointments process to prevent approving appointees because he wanted certain pork for his home state. Since this a prime example of what many citizens do not like about Washington, here are three thoughts:

  • Senator Shelby is pathetic
  • Republican senators not calling him out are pathetic
  • Democratic senators who did the same thing during the Bush administration are pathetic

On the Super Bowl Commercials
As a whole, I found the commercials during the Super Bowl to be a very mediocre crop. Go Daddy doesn’t get it, the ETrade baby is not as funny, and Budweiser and Coke seems to be cutting back. No need to slam Hyundai for being normal, yet I praise Doritos as the product winner.

On a Fund Raiser for Haiti
The earthquake in Haiti has tugged on a lot of heart strings … but in this case, G-strings. Marilyn’s, a strip club in Toledo, recently raised $1000 in their Lap Dance for Haiti promotion.

On 2010 Bearcat Football
The past several seasons have been successful for the UC Bearcats, but they announced the 2010 OOC schedule. OUCH! … a 1-3 start is a good possibility …. at Fresno, Indiana State, at NC State, Oklahoma.

On Studying Climate Change
Our Commerce Secretary announced plan for NOAA to set up a new group to study climate change. Here is a novel idea – Study all the data without political or economic interests and then reporting honest, unbiased conclusions to the public.

On No to this Stimulus
About an hour after posting about social security, I read a bipartisan proposal in USA Today that Senators Schumer (D-NY) and Hatch (R-UT) have to boost the economy. Well, it’s obvious that they didn’t seek my advice.

On Missing the Bush Administration
Someone posted a “Miss me yet?” billboard in Minnesota with a picture of President Bush. Although I’m disgruntled with the current administration, I politely say no.

On Toyota
Their recent recall situation continues to be a PR nightmare. Let’s see – the company has formed a quality committee to closely examine the situation. What happened to your focus on quality as part of normal operations? Their focus on the crisis and not the problem is unbelievable!

Of course, Congress cannot resist looking into the matter with its own special committee, thus another opportunity for grandstanding!

On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 51

I usually post OITS on Fridays, but since tomorrow is an issue for me, it is a day early.

On Athletes Orally Committing
National Letter of Intent signing period for college football started yesterday. Of course, it is preceded by high school players giving nonbinding oral commitments. Being one believing that being true to your word carries some importance, I generally have an issue with players backing out on their word. For instance, a high school player in the Cincinnati area orally committed to three different schools the last 6 months. Sorry, that’s not the type of character I would want on my team.

On Public Stadium Financing
Too many professional sports teams have placed community’s feet to the fire with their build me a new stadium or we will leave approach. Although I’m a big sports fan, I was against Cincinnati’s stadium issues all not that long ago. Now, for a variety of reasons, the county’s stadium fund is having financial troubles. Hey hey … here comes the Bengals organization to save the day by offering millions! But for what in exchange? How about shortening the lease by 10 years or so?!!! Again, I stand by my original point.

On This Week
We record This Week (ABC’s Sunday morning show) because we like the format and the general respectful nature of discussions. Who made the bonehead decision to have FOX News President Roger Ailes and Arianna Huffington together on the round table?

On School Buses
There’s no question that school buses foul up traffic. There’s no question that I dislike school buses. Nonetheless, I just cannot convince myself to agree with a student boarding a bus at 6:15 am.

On Toyota
I will give Toyota credit – now that is one PR disaster! In their race to beat GM, they seemed to morph into the Detroit giant. Meanwhile, I feel for the sales staff whose salary is probably based on commission.

On 747 Tidbit
Although I haven’t been in one, the Boeing 747 is a big plane. Boeing originally designed it as a military transport aircraft in the 1960s. They did not win the contract (Lockhead did), so Boeing converted the design into a commercial airliner. I think they did ok on that investment.

On a New Link
I welcome Confessions of a Lazy Scribe to WordPress. Previously known as the Coach Potato at another location, I encourage readers to visit Brad’s new site.

To kickoff Super Bowl weekend, here’s a great Jay Leno JayWalk segment for another lively city (Las Vegas).