On a Sudden Change

Life is a journey of ups, downs, twists, turns, and even smooth sailing. For example, I just returned from an emotional visit with my aunt and cousins in Italy (after 48 years). Returning after any time away is never easy, and getting back to the normal routine has its challenges – and complicated by jet lag.

Also, many bloggers put extra pressure on themselves to return to writing, posting, commenting, and visiting others – yep, so do I. Fortunately, readers are more patient and tolerant than we expect of ourselves.

As if I haven’t had enough emotions the past two weeks, this morning I received shocking news of the sudden and tragic passing of a good friend. Informing three others of the incident wasn’t easy. With that in mind, the prudent thing to do is step away again for a few days … probably back this weekend.

Peace to my friend’; comfort and strength to his wife.


Stained glass from a church in Florence (I took the picture)