On “Debates” 2012

The first of the presidential debates starts this week. Well, there are not debates, but actually glorified new conferences with the parties setting the rules that give the candidates plenty of opportunities to continue there taglines.

Odds are very good that the candidates will provide an answer without answering the question. After all, Mr. Romney has previously stated to a moderator, “You have the right to ask the questions you want to, and I have the right to answer them in a way I want to.”

What if I was running the event? If so, here are the six rules in the A Frank Angle interview format.

  1. The moderator (me) is in charge; thus asks the questions, exercises any rule at any time, and can re-ask questions until answered.
  2. If the candidate does not answer the question, immediately turn off their microphone and surround them with the cone of silence.
  3. If the candidate strays from the question, immediately turn off their microphone and surround them with the cone of silence.
  4. If the candidate stresses the faults of the other candidate’s position over emphasizing their position, immediately turn off their microphone and surround them with the cone of silence.
  5. If a candidate cuts off the other, turn off their microphone and surround them with the cone of silence.
  6. When in doubt, see Rule 1.

Better yet, here are some questions that probably will not be asked on the televised events.

To Mr. Romney
Let’s assume you win, but face a divided Congress. How will you navigate the non-compromising segment of your party?

Was President Obama born in the United States? Is President Obama a Muslim? Besides some horseshit answer like “They are entitled to believe what they want to believe”, explain yourself to the people who do believe it.

If the US Supreme Court is for all Americans, would you favor one in the mold of the other conservatives or one of independent mind?

(Follow up) There are taxes, penalties, and fees. You repeatedly state that you want to lower tax rates After the Supreme Court ruling regarding the Affordable Car Act, you happily accepted the mantra that penalties are taxes. With that same thought, aren’t fees also taxes?

There are many in your party who advocate the teaching of various explanations of Biblical creationism in a science classroom. Why have you not taken the stance that the US Supreme Court ruled against that over 40 years ago?

To President Obama
One aspect of your 2008 message of hope and change focused on bringing the two parties together as much as possible. On the other hand,  a hard-driving Rahm Emmanuel’s (your chief of staff) is a direct contradiction to your message. How do you explain the difference between what you say and what you do?

Afghanistan continues to be a trouble spot. Although the American public supports the military, the majority does not favor this conflict. When are you going to make the decision to stop nation building and get the heck out?

Why did you not immediately embrace the recommendations from the bi-partisan Simpson-Bowles Commission?

The financial sector is the foundation for our economic system. Because Dodd-Frank continues to allow banking deregulation, why did you not support returning to the regulation established by Glass-Steagall?

Outside of the stimulus, the economy didn’t become the focus of your presidency until year three. Why?

To Both
Each of you frequently mentioned the importance of small businesses. What is your definition of small business?

(Follow-up) Why did you ignore the Federal Government’s own definition as per the Small Business Administration? Now, given statistics from the SBA and IRS, let’s examine your claims.

To Rep. Ryan
What is 1+1?
Good, you can add. Here’s a calculator, a pencil, scrap paper, and your budget. Because your numbers do not add up and need more explanation, go over to the side to work on this and we’ll get back to you.

To Vice-President Biden
How did you react to The Onion’s portrayals of you washing a sports car and offering guitar lessons?

Two Interesting Reads

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 155

On Politics
As many saw Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment as a gaffe, I saw it as who he is, what he thinks, and the belief of a chunk of Republicans.

Moderately conservative columnist David Brooks and conservative columnist Peggy Noonan wrote about worthy columns about Mitt Romney. Click each name to read.

Earlier in the week I posted why I would not vote for Mitt Romney. On the other hand, if asked, what suggestion would I give the Romney campaign for the final five weeks? I would say 1) stop trying to be who are you aren’t; 2) don’t politicize an international incident that causes America to grieve; 3) admit that you haven’t done well at understanding America’s middle and lower class; 4) Focus on what how you would lead America with many-more specifics than you have given to date. Even if he did these, he still won’t get my vote.

With all the BS we hear about the automatic cuts (sequester), let us not forget the Congress agreed to the plan and Congress is constitutionally responsible for the budget.

I have many reasons to disagree with the Tea Party, but this thesis statement from my local paper is interesting: He (God) would agree with Tea Party principles, not because He agrees with us, but because we agree with Him.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Fun-Loving Turtle All Business when it comes to Feeding Time
Newborn Loses Faith in Humanity after Record Six Days
Munchostrosity Created in Frito-Lay Laboratory
Partygoer Rolls a Couple of Fat Burritos to Pass Around
Posthumously Record Bob Dylan Album Receives Rave Reviews

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On Potpourri
I greatly enjoyed last weekend’s celebration. Thanks to everyone who stopped by then and later, especially those with the many gracious comments!

This is the best Spam I’ve received in some time. Good answers in return of this question with firm arguments and telling everything regarding that. Ah yes, and on one of the Satire Bits posts with headlines from The Onion.

This weekend marks a return of a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoon post.

By the end of this weekend, odds are that my favorite baseball team (Cincinnati Reds) will clinch the division championship. They already qualified for the playoff, but this additional step is important. But they still must make it official!

We are starting to experience some of the crispness of fall, the photography bloggers will be capturing many outstanding images. With fall in mind, enjoy this video that you will have to click here to watch on YouTube.

In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.