On Venice 2018


After our days in Trieste, we took a train to Venice, actually our departing airport. Because we’ve been to this beautiful city before (but I hadn’t posted about it), our one-night stay would be in Mestre – the mainland side of the city. Besides, the airport is on the mainland and Mestre hotels are much cheaper.

As the train was approaching the train station (Venezia Mestre), I noticed our hotel is directly across the street. Then I learn that a train goes to the islands (Venezia Santa Lucia Station) every 10 minutes for 2 euros. Plus, the airport shuttle is a very short walk from our hotel (Best Western Plus Hotel Bologna). Cheaper, close to rail and the airport bus are all good things!

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With the weather being wonderful, we had to go to Venice to just wander. Part of the fun of this glorious setting is trying to get lost – because you can’t! The historical city is wonderful – after all, Venice is Venice.

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Our trip has ended, and what a trip it was. All the stops in the Rick Steves’ Eastern Europe tour were worthwhile and memorable. Then add-on stops to my birthplace and a touch of Venice was like extra ice cream and toppings on an already magnificent sundae.


Picking our favorite stop is not an easy task because the locations were so different. The three major cities were different from each other, then toss in the extremes of a natural wonder of a Plitvice (a Croatian National Park) to the horrors of Auschwitz, and a relaxing seaside locate as Rovinj, it was quite the tour.

Three important references for readers.

  1. I will probably do more posts about this trip with some tidbits. Time will tell.
  2. I didn’t realize that I posted very little about our Italy-Croatia cruise of how knows how many years ago. Maybe I’ll go back in time. Thoughts?
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To see more of the island wonderland known as Venice, watch the 2+-minute video below. Thanks for coming along for my journey.

On an Italian Time-lapse

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One of my friends describes Italy as “one long museum.” The country offers so much that it is actually very hard to describe. Then again, being that my heritage is all Italian and with 4 first cousins and an aunt there, I admit being a bit biased. Enjoy with time-lapse of various parts of this beautiful country.

On those Special Vacation Moments

What was your one favorite moment? What was the one moment that captured the trip? When a friend returns from a vacation, those are the questions I like to know.

Tflorencehere’s no question, our 2007 cruise of Italy and Croatia was our best vacation ever. Not long ago we were talking vacations with friends and my wife got a little choked up when describing what happened to her in Florence.

While walking from the train station down Via dei Banchi toward the Duomo, the street was bending, and then … POW! Towering over the 4-story buildings and looming ahead, the Duomo suddenly and majestically appeared. She was stunned, and to stop to catch her breath, and then take this picture.

veniceFor me, there was nothing better than being on deck at 7 am with Venice straight ahead. The approaching sight wonderful and full of anticipation, but then topped by the 900 ft. ship going right down the main canal, passing St. Marks Square, then swinging around to dock along a sidewalk – a 5-minute walk from the square.

So remember those quesitons the next time a friend or colleague returns from a vacation. Please share any of your single, special vacation moments that captured the trip.