On a Victory Cigar

I had a local radio station on to listen to the Reds game while in the car Tuesday. Therefore, that same station was on when I got in the car Wednesday morning. In general, I seldom listen to AM talk radio, however, what I heard after starting the car caught my attention.

The Tuesday game was the one that clinched the division for the Reds on the Jay Bruce home run. The caller complained about the television stations showing some players smoking cigars because that was a bad influence on his kids. Plus, he was going to call the state of Ohio to file a complaint against the players and the club for smoking in a public facility.

I realize the guy is clueless, must not believe in using teachable moments, and must constantly look elsewhere to identify the problem instead of using a mirror – but is he a poster face of today’s American society?

An Addendum
The Cincinnati Enquirer has this story that states a smoking complaint hotline received five anonymous complaints. I assume the complainers were not in the room and probably not near the stadium.