On Exploring Around and Above a Volcano

How you ever been to Indonesia? When I picture Indonesia, images of lush tropical rain forests come to mind … but not volcanoes – although I realize that area is volcanic. The Exploring series continues with another stunning time lapse with wonderful music, so sit back and enjoy.

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 59

On Republicans and Pork Earmarks
While many Republican House members are foregoing earmarks, let me set the record with these key points:

  • Their pledge is only for one year – an election year
  • They can still get earmarks through their senator

On the Republicans No to Financial Reform
As the Republicans have come out against financial reform, let us remember these points:

  • The financial industry is the foundation of an economy.
  • The GOP led the charge to deregulate the financial industry, which ran amuck.

As Senator McConnell says “No” to Democratic proposed regulation, he is also saying “Yes” to deregulation.

On the VAT
For whatever reason, the White House let the cat out of the bag that it is considering a Value Added Tax. That has to be one of the dumbest, poorly timed ideas I have encountered. Is President Obama actually trying to unseat himself? Here is a good column about the VAT from George Will.

On the Maverick
Senator John McCain faces a tough challenge in the primary for his current seat. Although he has served his country well, I personally wish he would step aside, thus actually go out on a high note. I appreciated this Leonard Pitts column.

On the Volcano
Although many understand the risk volcanic ash brings to air travel, some of the comments still cause me to shake my head. How about the complainers forming a human shield block the spewed ash?

On the Reds
The Cincinnati Reds are off to a pathetic start (6-9). The one thing worse than watching the batters is watching the pitchers. Even with lousy pitching and poor hitting leading the good news is that the long baseball season has many natural peaks and valleys. By the way, going into Thursday night’s game, the Reds are the only team without a win from the starting pitching.

On a Classic Angle
With baseball season underway, here are two of my most read posts about the game: