On a Flashback Hodge Podge

Because I know some need a Saturday morning cartoon fix, I’m reaching back into the archives for readers to visit an early cartoon. I probably won’t introduce a new character until October, so hopefully this will help.

As I mentioned on the previous post, I am gearing down toward taking a blogging break. I’ll be back this week with Monday Morning Entertainment, where hopefully give the rest of my schedule.

Enjoy the cartoons. Which did you visit?

Elmer Fudd

Quickdraw McGraw



Woody Woodpecker

On a Cartoon Buffet

Instead of dedicating a new post to a classic cartoon character, today is a pick-your-treat day! Below as the characters from past posts, so pick one – any one – or as many was who wish because this is your special Saturday Morning Buffet of cartoon characters. Enjoy! Which did you watch this morning?

Boris and Natasha

Elmer Fudd


Foghorn Leghorn

Jonny Quest


Quick Draw McGraw

Peabody and Sherman



Speedy Gonzalez

Top Cat


Wile E Coyote

Woody Woodpecker

Yosemite Sam

* A small collection of opening theme songs

On a Pecking Woody

Ten Points about Woody Woodpecker

  • First appeared in an Andy Panda short (1940), but first appeared on television in October 3, 1957 on ABC.
  • Although best associated with Walter Lantz, Ben Hardaway helped created the prototype for Woody. Lantz got the cartoon idea from a noisy woodpecker keeping him and his wife awake during their honeymoon, and led this cartoon until 1972.
  • Woody’s trademark laugh is a Mel Blanc creation.
  • Woody was more insane during his early years.
  • Woody has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Other stars in the show: Andy Panda, Papa Panda, Wally Walrus, Buzz Buzzard, Chilli Willie.
  • Knothead and Splinter were his nephews who eventually became his nephew and niece.
  • Woody nominated for an Academy Award in 1944, Best Short Subject (Cartoons), but lost to Tom and Jerry. The Woody Woodpecker Song received a Best Song nomination in 1948.
  • TV Guide’s Great Cartoon Character of All-time list: #46 (2002, 2003); #25 on Animal Planet’s list of The 50 Greatest Movie Animals (2004)
  • Appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988).

Here is a 2+ minute segment of this zany, brash bird singing from the Barber of Seville with a classic slapstick routine of the times. Enjoy … and thank you Walter Lantz for being the visual spirit behind Woody Woodpecker.!