On a Transition Weekend

How was your weekend?

Mine was not normal. Rise-and-shine time Friday was 5 AM for an early morning flight from Pisa (Italy) – keep in mind that’s 11 PM Thursday in Cincinnati. No glitches on the return flights, so I was in my house around 4 pm Friday (but remember when I got up). Then again, I only slept, at most, 2-3 hours on the flights. (Do you sleep well on airplanes?)

I arrived home to an empty house because my wife is on a 7-day girl’s trip. Because I didn’t want to fall asleep watching television early Friday evening, you guess it – it was off to the ballroom floor. It was fun being a bit of a social butterfly, but I sat with a friend who also was attending without his wife.

Dancing with about 10 different ladies gave me a chance to concentrate on my lead while observing the response their response. I also had to be aware of my partner’s ability. Nonetheless, I did not get home until a bit after 11 PM, thus completing a full day that started thousands of miles from home.

Believe it or not, Saturday afternoon I attended a 2-hour dance workshop on Night Club 2-Step. I spent the rest of the time unpacking, sorting, visiting as many bloggers as I could, and trying to adjust back to my normal time zone.

My wife safely returned Sunday mid-afternoon, but that created a bit of a whirlwind for the rest of the day. We managed, yet both of us still have so much to tell.

Your weekend probably was not like mine, then again, mine was not normal for me – but I hope you tell me about yours. So, do you sleep well when flying?

To send you into the new week, I dedicate this song from my college days to those affected by the latest snowstorm. Have a good week!