They’ve Earned It Rankings: Week 2 2010

Two weeks into the season and a few surprises have notched knots on the heads of many pundits. Meanwhile, I continue to base rankings on the old fashion way – they earn it by playing someone noteworthy and winning.

From Last Week

  • Up – Michigan
  • Down – LSU, Utah
  • Out – Boise State, TCU, Maryland, BYU, Fresno State, Notre Dame, Kansas State
  • New – most of the list

What? How can Boise State be out? It’s simple: last weekend they did not play and Va. Tech lost to James Madison. Maybe they’ll return in a few weeks.

They’ve Earned It Rankings: Week 2

  1. Michigan (2-0) (UMass)
  2. South Carolina (2-0) (Furman)
  3. LSU (2-0) (Mississippi St)
  4. Ohio State (2-0) (Ohio U)
  5. Oklahoma (2-0) (Air Force)
  6. Utah (2-0) (@ New Mexico)
  7. Alabama (2-0) (@ Duke)
  8. Oregon (2-0) (Portland St)
  9. Auburn (2-0) (Clemson)
  10. Texas (2-0) (@ Texas Tech)

Good news for the week 3 weekend as only five games involves non-D1 teams. The games below are some of the more interesting out-of-conference games.

  • Cincinnati @ NC State
  • Maryland @ West Virginia
  • Air Force @ Oklahoma
  • USC @ Minnesota
  • Nebraska @ Washington
  • Tulsa @ Oklahoma State
  • Clemson @ Auburn
  • Iowa @ Arizona
  • Houston @ UCLA
  • Notre Dame @ Michigan State

4 thoughts on “They’ve Earned It Rankings: Week 2 2010

  1. I like what Oklahoma did after a less than stellar Week 1 performance(I was at that Utah State game). Although I will say that Utah State could make things tough for teams in the WAC.

    Air Force has been a consistent bowl participant for many years, and just beat BYU this past weekend. I’m a little concerned about this one, but Oklahoma is tough at home.

    If Denard Robinson isn’t the most exciting player as well as early front runner for the Heisman, I would like to know who is. That guy is carrying the Wolverines on his back and putting up incredible numbers against good competition doing so.

    Later Frank!


    • David,
      A win this weekend may vault your Sooners to my top spot … and just in time for their trip to Cincinnati. (Fortunately for OU, the game is at PBS instead of Nippert). 🙂

      Agree with you on Denard Robinson … very impressive. Hope all is going well for you, and thanks for commenting.


    • 3rd Stone,
      The Hokies have a tough claim to gain recognition here. However, being a fair and reasonable person, I imagine running the table will help atone their slow start. Thanks for commenting.


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