On a Return

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Greetings fellow bloggers. I’ve missed your presence both here and on your blogs. Isn’t my personal greeter adorable?

Some have noticed that me snooping around with some visits, and (of course) my posted dedicated to #9 honoring the 9th anniversary of my little corner of the world.

The family is making progress with helping an elderly aunt. The task at hand seems monumental, but that’s not unexpected. We know there are several months of work ahead, so we don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel – but that will come. Hopefully the light won’t be another train.

There’s never a good time when it comes to dealing with elderly relatives. Good news is that we see progress on important milestones, plus our aunt is generally receptive to what we suggest. Unfortunately for us, our tasks were put on hold for a bit because of a long-planned vacation during August.

The Vacation

  1. A 5-hour drive to Chicago to eliminate a flight leg (each way) and for considerable financial savings
  2. Flew Chicago to Reykjavik to London Heathrow
  3. Spent 4 days in London (our first trip to the UK)
  4. Bused to Southampton to make the Caribbean Princess our home for 12 days cruising the British Isles (including a stop in France)
  5. Bused from Southampton to Heathrow for our flight to Reykjavik – instead of transferring to another flight, we stayed for 3 days
  6. Flew to Chicago, then made it to Cincinnati a few hours before the eclipse (about 90% coverage)

Our vacation was a good one, and I look forward to sharing various aspects about the trip with you. My apologies to my UK readers because I came to your wonderful region without stopping by to say hello. Our time in the ports are short, and we try to see as much as possible … and we stayed busy in London (which is easy to do).

Even though my plate remains full, I will return to posting on an irregular schedule. After all, I do have posts in the queue ready to go.

Hope all is well with everyone! … and here’s a fitting song for you.

70 thoughts on “On a Return

  1. Would you believe I almost took that cruise with my parents?! I took them on a British Isle cruise so my stepdad could see the land of his ancestors, but I went with a different cruiseline instead. We just got back. Can you imagine if you and I would have run into each other there? 😄

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  2. Good to see the places you visited on your trip. Good to know that you have posts in the queue and ready to go. Good that your elderly aunt has caring relatives like you.

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  3. Welcome back! An irregular posting schedule sounds perfect!
    Look forward to seeing and hearing bits about your trip!
    However demanding, it’s heartening when people help elderly relatives. Much respect! Resa

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  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip, Frank. I’m glad you were able to enjoy some vacation, in particular because of your involvement with your aunt. I know the weight of responsibility with an elderly family member and it can be challenging, but I trust it also feels rewarding to be of such use. I’m sure your aunt is very grateful! I’ll look forward to more information about your travel. 🙂

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    • Debra,
      Definitely a wonderful trip. Hopefully I can get some posts about it soon! Meanwhile, our aunt’s situation is full of frustration, but something that has to be done. We were there earlier this week, and no matter the progress we make, it still feels monumental.


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