On the Liverpool

Founded in 1207 along the River Mersey, Liuerpool (meaning thick/muddy creek) grew from a fishing village to an important location for the English military, an important seaport in the 1600s regarding trading with the new world, followed by an important industrial center.

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Today’s Liverpool is a vibrant center of culture and urban rebirth that also embraces its heritage. After all, look who we saw along the waterfront. Sorry to say that we missed their local tour that includes real places as Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, their childhood homes, and more.

Today’s downtown is a modernized center popularized by Liverpool history with music, the arts, and nightlife. The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Searchers, A Flock of Seagulls, and others are rooted in Liverpool’s fabric and heritage.The area around Temple Court, Mathew Street, and Ramford Square is highlighted with music venues, historic landmarks, and other stores boosting its heritage.

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City Center is multiple-block, pedestrian shopping area with a wide variety of stores a short distance away – and not far from the waterfront and the cruise terminal. Today’s waterfront bustles with food, entertainment, shopping, hotels, amusement, and museums.

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… and yes – including a ferry to cross the Mersey.

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Next post is a surprise. Hmmmm … Wonder what/where?


39 thoughts on “On the Liverpool

    • Jim,
      Wow … thanks for the high praise. The song was my head before we arrived, but the width of the river were the ferry crosses was much wider than I anticipated … and I knew then that I would end this post with that song.


    • Jo,
      Thanks for the kind words. One this posts I try to take readers there without the burden of too many photos. (Something that I’ve worried about in this series.) … and cheers to the pub talk … maybe someday. 🙂


    • Patti,
      It’s my pleasure. Some have told me they travel through me. Others are encouraged to go. Others get reminded of their past trips … and others just enjoy travel. Thanks for coming along.


  1. I loved Gerry and the Pacemakers, and didn’t realize that they, too, were Liverpudlians. From what you shared about the history of Liverpool, there are so many reasons for it to be an important city, but to many of us, all we know are the “fab four.” This would indeed be a fun tourist destination!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Debra,
      Liverpool was a pleasant surprise. On the down side, we only had several hours because of our Blackpool experience. Let it be known that Liverpool is proud of The Beatles! (Now that’s shocking)


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