On Edinburgh

Although Edinburgh’s human roots date back to 8000 BC, the city along the Firth of Forth became chartered in 1125. Today, it is Scotland’s political, cultural, and commercial hub. We journeyed into Edinburgh twice – first on a bus trip from Greenock (on the west coast) for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (previous post) – then several days later after our ship set anchor in nearby South Queensferry for encountering more of this Scottish jewel.

To me, Edinburgh was the most captivating of the cities we visited on this trip. The grand old stone buildings, the charm of Old Town, the Georgian and Victorian architecture of New Town, and being a city bustling with activity; – let alone the highly visible Edinburgh Castle sitting high on a hill above it all.

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With 5 major festivals in progress during August, the streets were not quiet – plus two cruise ships in town. I wonder how many of the people we saw were Edinburghers? But cheers to the many street performers!

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The Royal Mile (High Street) is Old Town’s main street. It’s loaded not only physical charm, it’s a vibrant area filled with shops, eateries, and establishments featuring adult beverages. Taking the long walk up the hill from our bus to the castle was a great introduction into Edinburgh. The feast continues by wondering nearby streets.

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As usual, our fee touched Edinburgh’s pavement many times on this day. This city is a visual feast – let alone filled with history. Greyfriars Bobby is an interesting story – a dog who faithfully stayed at his master’s grave for 14 years. Various people took care of Bobby during this time, and yes – he is buried a short distance from his master.

We loved Edinburgh and would like to return during a less-crazy time. We missed going into Edinburgh Castle because we chose to forego the long lines. Atop Calton Hill provides outstanding 360-views of the city, but I’ve shown enough pictures in this post. Besides the video shows it. Enjoy this 2-minute drone video tour giving you a taste of this fabulous city.

For those wanting to see more of Edinburgh, click here for a longer tour.

Next stop: Normandy France

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48 thoughts on “On Edinburgh

  1. Oh Edinburgh! A magical city. I’m sure you recall that that’s where John proposed — on top of the Salisbury Craigs (in front of Arthur’s Seat and next to Holyrood Palace) overlooking the castle at sunset. ❤️❤️❤️

    I’ve never seen the city by drone — or during the Festival. But when you do go back, please contact me. I know some wonderful places (like the Frankenstein Pub, right next to Bobby’s statue).

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  2. I spent four days in Edinburgh and wished I had at least four more. The history and art were spectacular. I enjoyed doing the bus hop on and off which gave a great opportunity to linger and resume.Thanks for the revisit, Frank.


    • Pauline,
      Thanks for the kind words. While in a store, a worker told me Edinburgh is full of people in office because of the many festivals … so much different than the rest of the year! Meanwhile, “stunning” is a good descriptor.

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  3. It is a great city of the world. Your photos showed many of the places we also walked. I was intrigued by the physical layout of the city in addition to its history. The old volcano provided quite a site.

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    • Kerry,
      The fact that this post encourages you to go makes me smile. It’s a wonderful place. Keep in mind that August is a busy month there – which can be a good or bad thing – but the Tattoo would be a must. I would go again!


  4. Edinburgh, like Scotland itself, is a magical place. My wife and I were there as part of Scholarly Sojourn’s Scotch Whisky in Depth tour and she returned for the Great Castles of Scotland tour. We visited the Royal Mile, Greyfriars Bobby (and the cemetery nearby), Edinburgh Castle, and Scotland’s smallest pub (The Wee Pub). Over 10 days of the Scotch tour, I got to visit 17 distilleries and had over 70 wee drams (my kind of tour).

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    • Mudge,
      Oh my … sounds like the Scotch tour kept you busy! I’m not a big Scotch drinker, but that tour would be interesting.

      Glad you also enjoyed Edinburgh … I don’t recall The Wee Pub … but did see The Last Drop.


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  6. Oh man, this brings back memories of when I was there for a day in July 2017. My friends Craig and Danielle drove me out there as soon as I arrived in Glasgow. Because of time, I didn’t get to see as much of Edinburgh, but had a blast inside of the castle. The lines were tolerable the day I went. Like you, I’d love to give this place more time to explore. I’ll post about the day I went to Edinburgh and the Castle soon.

    Despite the lack of time, I’m glad you got to take in some of the city as well. Scotland is wonderful and magical place to go.

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    • David,
      Glad this rekindled some memories and (probably) motivate you to get your post ready. Edinburgh was packed with people during our visit … 3 major festivals going on and 3 cruise ships (those numbers from memory. If not right, they are close.)

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