On Upcoming BSC Bowl Slots

Bowl-pairing announcements will occur later today. As document through past posts, I’m not a BCS supporter – but it is what it is. Just thought I’d take a bit of time to predict how I see the pairings for the biggest, most lucrative games.

Before that, cheers to my Cincinnati Bearcats for another successful season. Personally, I thought Pitt posed match-up problems. However, after being down by 21, the team showed their fighting spirit and resilience. No matter what happens in their bowl game, next year, or the current coaching situation, it’s been a great year – thus thanks for the memories as they are something that critics, skeptics, and elitists can’t take away!

Below is my predictions how I think the bowl pairings will be …. not necessarily how I think they should be.

BCS Championship Game – Alabama vs. Texas

Rose Bowl – Ohio State vs. Oregon

Sugar Bowl – Cincinnati vs. Florida

Fiesta Bowl – Boise vs. TCU

Orange Bowl – Georgia Tech vs. Iowa

6 thoughts on “On Upcoming BSC Bowl Slots

  1. Those aren’t bad predictions. By that scenario, you could still have three undefeated teams by the end of the season. It maybe just me, but that Fiesta Bowl projection you have looks to be solid game.

    I definitely have to salute the Bearcats for the kind of year they’ve had.


    • David,
      Yep … given the parity, it is hard to imagine so many undefeated teams at this point. I know this is not the case with you, but you well know that many look down upon UC, Boise, and TCU.

      By the way, in case you didn’t know, the Sooners come to Cincinnati next fall!

      Hope all is well & thanks for visiting.


  2. While seeing Boise State vs TCU could be the best matchup, I’d like to see them both in seperate games, and see them both take down a couple of the big boys…

    Lot of fun games to watch yesterday…Cincy showed up big again…I thought Pitt had their number, but the Bearcats are full of fight…

    Hey, Frank did you get to see the Hilliard Davidson, Glenville game…WOW! that was a great HS Championship!


    • BEEZE,
      TCU-Boise would be a great match up .. but like David says, we could still end the season with 3 undefeated teams. Heck, but them in separate teams, it could be 4.

      Didn’t get to see the big school championship game, but as we know, Ohio has very good HS football.

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. Hey Frank,

    Sorry I haven’t by lately, life’s been a little hectic.

    Wanted to say congrats to your Bearcats. One second away from a BCS Championship Game appearance, that would have been awesome.

    Can’t believe Kelly left before coaching the Bowl game, low-class move especially doing it to the kids he recruited and coached all season.


    • Hi Rad,
      No need to apologize as we’re all busy. Heck in this economy, I’m thankful for being busy.

      Coach Kelly may not ever get closer to a national championship game than he did this year. If only Nebraska would have closed the deal … although there’s no guarantee that UC would have gotten the shot. But it would have been interesting to see what Kelly would have done then. I think he would have still left.

      I’ll say more about him in time on a post.

      Hope all is well … and thanks for visiting.


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