On Holiday-Week Shorts

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This post is a cheap imitation of Opinion in the Shorts … make that very cheap … but it’s a way to dispense some information.

With this being Christmas week, I realize upcoming posts will be around a different schedule – so here’s my hopeful plan for the rest of 2015

  • The next post will be my Christmas post (on either Wednesday or Thursday)
  • Several Explore posts between Christmas and the New Year (a light and easy agenda)

Many thanks to everyone attending my holiday party. It seems my new (non-Onion) gift supplier was a success … thus the challenge for next year. Nonetheless, thanks for all the smiles you gave me.

We enjoy watching the Kennedy Center Honors during the holidays. This year’s show is December 29th on CBS, so check your local listings. This year’s honoree are singer-songwriter Carole King, filmmaker George Lucas, actress and singer Rita Moreno, conductor Seiji Ozawa, and actress and Broadway star Cicely Tyson.

We finally saw the latest James Bond movie – Spectre. Typical Bond, thus enjoyable. During the holiday we hope to see The Big Short, Concussion, and maybe the latest Star Wars.

I enjoy making limoncello – a wonderful Italian drink that is sweet, lemony, and strong. It’s easy to make, and this past-post tells how. This year I’m in the process of making a variation – gingercello – sweet, gingery, strong, and a touch of heat – an interesting combination. I hope to bottle it soon, thus give away some to friends.

This remains a holiday classic in my warped world.

The Democratic candidates had a presidential debate this past Saturday. Yep – I didn’t watch – but I’ve put together a collection of fact checks: Annenberg, PolitiFacts, Associated Press, Washington Post.

As soon as I heard Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) comment about the recruitment videos, I shook my head – and it seems that the fact checkers are backing up my apprehension.

Because The Mummies were above with Carol of the Belts, I’ll send you into the week with one of their songs. Have a good week.

54 thoughts on “On Holiday-Week Shorts

  1. Thank you for the reminder about the Kennedy Center Honors. I always enjoy watching that, too.
    Gingercello sounds interesting. A local restaurant (now closed) would offer a complimentary “cello” at the end of the meal. I remember having a peachcello. I will have to look at your recipe.

    Enjoy your holiday week!


    • Merril,
      Wow … Peachcello is new to me, but I can vision it as it is probably made in similar fashion … but with the flesh. I have some gingercello that someone else made, but this is my first venture with gingercello, I’m curious about how mine comes out. Time will tell … but making cellos is very easy!

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  2. Limoncello sounds delightful — ginger not so much (too many sick days with ginger ale!). I spent last night making my homemade Irish cream liqueur. So good. So fattening … so only a sample for me ;(

    Happy Holidays, Frank!


    • Elyse,
      Limoncello is wonderful … my father-in-law calls it Nectar of the Gods … and he loves pouring over vanilla ice cream. In the past I’ve also made orangecello, meloncello, and a friend did limecello. Enjoyed all, but the melon was so-so .. but my MIL loved it. Meanwhile, I’ve heard of people making their on Irish Cream … sounds wonderful! Cheers … and best holiday wishes to you!

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  3. One day, when shopping in a department store, a book called ” Limoncello and Linen Water” by Tessa Kiros jumped off the shelf and begged me to take it home. When this occasionally happens, I take heed, realising that there is something special for me here, that I need to own the item. This book, although described as “A Trousseau of Italian Recipes” is actually much more than that, with family stories and magical photos taken around Italy. And I do love the book. I decided many years ago that I must have been Italian in a previous lifetime.

    Tessa Kiros’ recipe for Limoncello is much the same as yours, and she suggests that the left over lemons (“it is desirable to use unsprayed lemons from the Amalfi Coast, but get what you can”, says Tessa,) can be used to make a Lemon Pie (yum!) and the Limoncello can be used, apart from drinking it pure, to make Limoncello Sorbet.

    I fully intend making Limoncello one day. I love the flavour of anything lemony, and I figure that even if my family won’t help me drink it, the alcohol will preserve it, right? Plenty of time for me to enjoy alone. 🙂


    • Joanne,
      Thanks for sharing your limoncello story. Although Amalfi lemons aren’t easy to find, regular lemons will work. Keep in mind you are only using the zest. I then squeeze the lemons to make frozen lemon cubes for future cooking.

      You are correct … it won’t spoil! I keep it refrigerated or even in the freeze (it won’t freeze). In terms of my current batch, I may bottle it this week. .. .and thanks for visiting my limoncello post!

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      • That’s right, alcohol won’t freeze. I will let you know when I make a batch, it will no doubt have to wait until next year though, being this close to the crazy days of Christmas and the New Year. I’m actually looking forward to trying out the recipe, and who knows, it may become a traditional drink in my house, if the family do enjoy it. 🙂


  4. I hope I’m on the list to receive a bottle of the gingercello! 🙂 Have a very Merry Christmas and a most wonderful New Year. As to the bells played by the mummies. . . they made me giggle.


    • George,
      The actual event is taped in early December for airing between Christmas and New Years … thus edited for television. We love watching them!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family … and I hope you get a chance to stop by Christmas Eve.


  5. Who said cheap imitations couldn’t be fun, Frank! The limoncello recipe reminds me of my youth and a nice Italian boyfriend whose mother made great limoncello but wouldn’t share the recipe. Now I know why it packed a punch!

    It seems zombies are everywhere, even Christmas. One night, after listening to yet another millennial TV house hunter claim that she wouldn’t buy a house unless it had a white kitchen, I wrote an essay response on millennial decorating tastes and the zombie apocalypse, far too satirical for my blog. It’s tucked away on a thumb drive for publishing in a distant time in a galaxy far far away. But it’s given me a whole new perspective on zombies 🙂


  6. Your movie picks mirror ours. We liked ‘Spectre’ a lot (my wife thought the writing was especially good), ‘The Big Short’ and ‘Concussion’ are absolute must sees, and I’ve read good reviews about ‘Joy’ which releases Christmas Day. As for ‘Star Wars,’ looks like I’m going to get dragged to it on our annual holiday trip to Virginia where my relatives say it’s good BECAUSE of the absence of Jar Jar Binks.

    Special thanks for including the two ‘Here Come The Mummies’ videos. I plan to forward them to my wife’s Indiana nephew who played sax with the group for several years before deciding to unwrap and become a math professor at DePaul University.


    • Brigitte,
      As lines people flock to Star Wars, the others may be easy to attend. Cheers to wanting to see The Big Short. … Meanwhile, limoncello is wonderful and very easy to make. Tomorrow, I hope to bottle my first-attempt at gingercello.


  7. Thank you Frank for all of the smiles you brought me over this last year.. I hope that you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas Holiday.. Sending Love and Blessings for the New Year..
    And many thanks for your support
    Hugs Sue


  8. Oh, Here Come the Mummies are fun! I just saw Star Wars, Frank, and loved it. I think you’ll enjoy it. I wanted to see The Concussion movie, too. I just heard a NPR interview with Will Smith and it sounds really good. Happy Holidays, Frank. I love these posts. Looking forward to your party.


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