On the aFa U.N.

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I have written the following words on these pages on more than one occasion – The majority of the world is good.

I believe it. Even though the daily news across the world challenges that thought, I still believe it.

Think of all the conflicts across the globe centering on race, gender, religion, and ethnicity … yet, I still believe that the majority of the world is good.

Think of the areas with armed conflicts at the moment: Syria, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Iraq, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Ukraine, Central African Republic, Yemen, Myanmar, Burundi, and more … yet, I still believe that the majority of the world is good.

Think of the current challenges between groups as Sunnis and Shiites, Christians and non-Christians, Catholics and Protestants, Whites and Blacks, Males and Females, Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, the rich and the poor, and more … yet, I still believe that the majority of the world is good.

Many, if not all, of the conflicts above center on power, greed, selfishness and getting people to conform to the ideals of others … yet, I still believe that the majority of the world is good.

My belief in humanity because of the interactions that I’ve encountered. I think of my dance friends from Vietnam, Lebanon, China, Guatemala, Romania, Ukraine, and the United States. They ground my hope in humanity and that the majority of the world is good.

I think of my English Second Language (ESL) students that I help from China, Mexico, Guatemala, Syria, Senegal, Italy, Palestine, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, France, Poland, Kuwait, Germany, Japan, Mauritania, Russia, and the United States. They strengthen my hope in humanity and that the majority of the world is good.

I think of the many bloggers who have participated on these pages from Canada, UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Argentina, Malaysia, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Italy, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Finland, Norway, France, Lithuania, Ecuador, Pakistan, Ireland, United States, and others. They help fortify my hope in humanity and that the majority of the world is good.

I think of the many nice people I’ve encountered in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Portugal, Canada, Croatia, various Caribbean islands, and across the United States. They reinforce my hope in humanity and that the majority of the world is good.

It’s all these people demonstrate the goodness of humanity … and it’s these people who would make a wonderful United Nations.

85 thoughts on “On the aFa U.N.

  1. Well said Frank! I often wonder what would happen if the good people of the world united and stopped paying attention to the greedy, the opportunistic, the ignorant, the egotistic, the war-mongers and the human-trolls who seek power and control and ever more money ………. What would happen if we turned our attention solely to the truth speakers, the right way, the good people? They say where we place our attention is what we get more of. I say let’s try that!!


  2. I have found that the less time I spend listening to the news, and the more time I spend listening to actual people, the greater my faith in humanity. It is far too easy to construct a false idea of the world when you are hiding from it.


    • Alisha,
      An interesting perspective (but I know that’s what you bring to the table) … 🙂 … Listening to others is monumental, which is something our elected officials don’t do well. On top of that, reality TV doesn’t promote that quality. Cheers to your belief in humanity.

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  3. Very true, Frank! If only the United Nations was more representative of the good people, who really do seem to be everywhere!. Makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from Anne Frank: “I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.”


  4. Well yes, the majority of the common everyday people of the world are good. I would say that is true. What is it they say? Oh yes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I would say there are a few other things that corrupt, greed, money, religion in the wrong hands. Money and religion when combined, yes this combination is terrible too.

    But yes, the majority of people, common everyday simple working people, they are good. Given the opportunity I think they would be just fine and find ways to fix what is broken.


    • Val,
      Yes, the majority of the world is good … and even more so, the government’s of the world are not representative of their people … after all, if they were, we wouldn’t have so much modern-day barbarism.

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  5. A quotation from a book I am currently reading:

    “The inferno of the living is not something that will be; if there is one, it is what is already here, the inferno where we live every day, that we form by being together. There are two ways to escape suffering it. The first is easy for many: accept the inferno and become such a part of it that you can no longer see it. The second is risky and demands constant vigilance and apprehension: seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst of inferno, are not inferno, then make them endure, give them space.”

    ― Italo Calvino, INVISIBLE CITIES


  6. In all your travels, aFa, I am hopeful that like me you have found the following to be true: as space-takers of this world there are few language barriers…we have more commonalities than differences. Brilliant piece.


  7. “My belief in humanity because of the interactions that I’ve encountered.”—Yes, exactly. I see all these egos and hate-spreaders on TV and yet I rarely meet people like that in real life. Like you, I meet some pretty wonderful people. Sure, maybe they’re presenting their best selves, but I’ll take it. It at least makes me feel better about humankind.


  8. IMO,

    Only human beings are capable of abstract thinking, something which is virtually unlimited in its range of directions and emotions. We have the potential for the full gamut of outcomes but are very close to the edge of self-destruction because of technology. Mankind has the power to manage resources for all but has so far failed, collectively, to surmount the passions of unequal distribution. It’s like chaos theory, all things are possible, the greatest good or disaster, or anything in between.

    Humans are nature’s experiment, a mere blink of an eye in geological spans. Our brief history is that of virtually continuous war but the Nazis did not win and there was no nuclear war. But the environment is polluted, the oceans are awash in garbage, and diseases are becoming resistant to antibiotics. The jury is still out, but the potential for good as celebrated in this post is surely present.


    • Jim,
      Humans have the gift of abstract thought, critical thinking, and problem solving. We have the ability to learn multiple languages and certainly experience a wide range of emotions. … and all those goods are accompanied by a slew of other behaviors … hence why we polluted, etc.


    • Sylvia,
      Baddie pox … oh that’s creative! Much of life is choosing the our acquaintances … and that is true in cyberland as well. So much goodness out there, thus goodness attracks goodness.


  9. Nice job Frank. I would certainly support your run for UN Secretary. I would hope that your positive thoughts would be enough to turn that organization into a force for good rather than the political morass it has become.


  10. You are a dear heart, Frank, and I agree with you. Truth is, all of these good people, in some regard, are already the United Nations. ❤
    When I was a very young kid, (oh no, not a "when I was a kid" story) one Hallowe'en I went out all filled with a great spirit.
    I usually called out "Trick or Treat" 1 man replied… oh, so you might want a trick. Our eyes locked. He threw a strange looking apple into my bag. (We still got a lot of Hallowe'en Apples then)
    When I got home, my mom was upset & informed me that we would have to throw most of my candy in the trash. She said 1 rotten apple made everything wet & mushy & ruined my candy.
    I was devastated. I knew who had given me the 1 rotten apple. I just didn't understand the "mean" …ing of why.
    Unfortunately, the world has enough rotten apples to make things not so good, even horrible, torturous & worse for many, many people.
    I, fortunately, am a lucky person. My mom washed the apples, and made me a delicious apple pie. Today, I can make an apple pie from scratch that is second to none.
    I think what I am trying to say is, it only takes 1 ill soul to ruin many lives, and that I still don't understand why.


  11. You believe that goodness exists in all the peoples of the world regardless of their country, race, gender, religion, language, economic level, or politics. I agree, and I’m optimistic that little by little the good people in every country, including the U.S., are coming to the forefront and choosing leaders who support equality and the rule of law, as opposed to privilege and terror.


    • Tim,
      I didn’t say that goodness exists in all – although strands and potential for more is there … but I believe the majority of the world is good … more good than bad … Although I’m optimistic on the mere thought, I don’t have much confidence in transferring that to elected officials.


  12. I am so glad I read this beautiful essay, Frank. I must say that I agree with you, but I need to be reminded! It’s so easy to feel cynical and even a bit hopeless when we think about world conditions and often frighteningly violent stories of inhumanity always in the headlines. But I believe it is important to think of individuals and the many encounters we’ve all experienced with remarkably kind and loving people from all over the world. Very nicely said, Frank.


    • Debra,
      Unquestionably, being cynical is easy … too easy as the news are abound with stories that challenge a belief in humanity. Then again, the news is dominated by the quest for power, greed, selfishness, oppression, violence, and more .. .but I’m glad this served as a reminder. Cheers to the good people of California.

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  13. I fully agree, dearest Frank! WE are the world… and we are very powerful indeed! Maybe you already know Paul Hawken…

    I just love that good feeling you get by listening to him… enlightening! But you do not have to be buddhist as I am… even if this Path can bring a lot of good things to the entire world.
    So, let change this world…
    Jim Wheeler has a good question… but I do not think that we only are a nature’s experiment… we are here since there is a Supreme Creator, doesn’t matter how you name “it” and we are bounded to come back in the flesh until we don’t generate the enlightening or proper karma to allow us to join into the Energy at the purest state.
    Each of us can change first of all his/her own vibration, after can affect what is surrounding he/her by the actions… it may take several reincarnations, that is right.
    Sorry I know my english isn’t that clear, please forgive me… but I hope I got to the point, making it very simple to undersand.
    Serenity :-)claudine


    • Claudine,
      Very good thoughts … and no need to apologize for your English as you do well! Besides I appreciate your input.

      Yes, Jim Wheeler asked a great question, and my answer reflects the context of this post. Being human is a challenge as our unique behaviors provide that battle of good vs. bad within each of us. Thanks for the worthwhile video! … and cheers to all the good people in Switzerland.

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  14. aFa, I commend you for your positive thoughts on the goodness of the majority of people.

    As a curmudgeon, I take my own warped view on this topic. If everyone in the world were good, then think of all the lost jobs – dictators and their entourage, para-military organizations, drug cartels, dope smugglers, thugs-for-hire, kidnappers, blackmailers, prison guards, bounty hunters , not to mention the participants of reality shows based on bad behavior.


    • Mudge,
      Oh no … not everybody … but the majority being good – yes. In other words, I acknowledge the existence of those you mentioned. Came to think about it, I don’t now where you are located. (If US, state is OK) … Cheers to realistic curmudgeons everywhere.


  15. What a heart-warming piece, Frank. I’ll have to remember it’s here when I need a lift in my spirits. It’s always around this election time that I start to lose faith. Thanks for this!


  16. Individuals tend to be generally good and reasonable – able to get along.
    It’s when there are big groups and great distances with a few thinking they are “typical”, “smart” and speak for everyone in their group – those holding power or decision making, that’s when ugliness tends to show up. Maybe be wary of herds?
    Post worth quite a few smiles, Frank. Thanks


    • Mary,
      Thanks for coming over to see this post. Regardless of the bad news that dominates the world, I remain positive about the majority of humans. After all, smiles is a universal language, and kindness is a universal action.


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