On a Burning Man Exhibition


I already knew that Burning Man is a big annual event and that it is unique. I didn’t really know what it is – that is the why – but what little I knew sparked enough curiosity to attend a Burning Man traveling exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

First held in 1986 on San Francisco’s Baker Beach, today’s Burning Man is a unique cultural event exploring artist and self expression, community, and self reliance. Today, tens of thousands gather to form a temporary city in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert built around 10 principles.

Image from Cincinnati Art Museum


Much of the art is large scale – some is interactive. Forms include painting, photography, metal work, mixed media, multimedia, clothing, jewelry, and more. Enjoy my gallery from the exhibition. Any favorites?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For those who want to see/learn more, a 3+-minute video is below.

43 thoughts on “On a Burning Man Exhibition

  1. What a great traveling exhibit! I would really enjoy visiting–the exhibit, that is. I am fascinated with the concept of Burning Man but there’s no way I’d be able to handle the “real deal.” I don’t think I actually like people that much! LOL!

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    • Debra,
      This exhibition fascinated me – but as for the real deal, I would need counseling to get myself rid inhibitions. By the way, if you are in the Oakland area, the exhibition is there (Oakland Museum of California) until 16 Feb. Thanks for sharing. FYI: The previous post announced the upcoming concert!


    • Dale,
      I believe this exhibition only showed in 3 places: DC, Cincinnati, and Oakland (currently) – so it probably didn’t get a lot of press. Now attending the event itself would tap into your free spirit side. See the videos in the first two comments.


  2. I’ve heard of Burning Man, and I heard an in-depth story on NPR. I forget which show, but people were calling in and describing their experiences. It sounds cool for people who like that, but nothing I would ever want to do. 🙂 I had no idea there was a traveling exhibition of the art from the show.

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    • Merril,
      I imagine the event is an experience in itself – but probably outside of my comfort zone – even though I would enjoy watching everything. As far as the exhibition, I believe it was only in 3 locations: DC, Cincinnati, and Oakland. But in my opinion, keep that show on the road so others can see it!

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  3. Cincy,

    As much as I love my art, I don’t think there is a chance in Hades Imma travel to the desert to watch a fire. I realize there is a lot more to it than that, but yanno . . in its simplest explanation and all that.

    And besides, there’s YouTube!

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  4. Wow!!! You took me away with this post, Frank! What an absolutely fascinating exhibition. I could have spent hours and hours there and not even realize a world exists. There is such great gifted artists in this world and it is a shame that the world overall does not focus on what they do. My heart just splits with a huge smile knowing that people are promoting works of art like this. Wouldn’t it be nice to have GOOD NEWS where things such as this exhibition are shown rather then the negative aspects of life? Thank you so much for this post!! It most certainly brightened my day! I think my favorite is the geometric room of lights.

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    • AmyRose,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the exhibition. Oh yes – the geometric room of lights was an eyecatcher! Hope you noticed it at about the 08 sec mark of the video.

      The overall creativity is awesome! I encourage you to watch one or both of the videos I had in my replies to the first two commenters (Eileen & House of Heart/Holly) because they show clips of the event in action. Talk about free spirited! Whew!!!!! Glad you enjoyed this walk through a gallery.

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  5. Frank, loved to learn more here about the Burning man.. here we have our own yearly event its called Guy Fawkes Night lol… 🙂 November the 5th.. I think he had the right idea in his plot lol.. And we are left with the remnants of the Houses of Parliament workings to its own mysterious rules lol..
    Loved the slide show and do I have a favourite.. LOTS… so many wonderful talents there from sculpture to painting just fabulous talent.
    Looked a fabulous exhibition to attend Frank.. Thank you for sharing and so nice to be visiting again ❤

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