Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 85

I continue to think about President Obama’s recent State of the Union. I continue to be weary of the dilemma between new spending and budget cuts – especially considering both are important. Meanwhile, Republican statements continue to reinforce my opinion that they have misread the recent election results. By the way, today is day 746 of the Obama presidency.

On the Health Care Dilemma
A Federal judge in Florida recently ruled the health care bill as unconstitutional – which now ties the ruling at 2-2. There’s no question the issue will make it to the US Supreme Court. Interestingly, because she was a member of the administration at the time, will Justice Kagan need to excuse herself from the case? Meanwhile, the House Constitution committee is going to discuss the constitutionality of the bill. Do you think the committee vote will follow party lines?

On an Upcoming Celebration
Need week we will hear more about President Reagan’s 100th birthday. Ah yes, as conservatives will provide have glowing praise for their hero of modern conservatism, while forgetting he was more liberal than most of them. Yep – Ronald Reagan would be a RINO today.

On Crisis in Egypt
The situation is Egypt is both interesting and frightening. Here are two articles that created thinking: Brookings Institute and New York Times Op-Ed.

On Modern Dentistry
Yesterday I had back-to-back appointments with two dentists. The first offered three different types of Valentine candy with a small red box as from a Chinese restaurant and the other had Otis Sprunkmeyer chocolate chip cookies. We’ve come a long way baby.

On an Interesting Family
Bill Tammeus’ Faith Matter blog provides a daily post about religion. Tuesday’s post provided this interesting perspective about family.

On the Super Bowl
Millions will watch this weekend’s Super Bowl – many from various parties. Enjoy, but return home safely.

Did you see the Tiki Barber interview on Yahoo! Sports where he was telling Packer players that the “G” on the helmet actually stands for greatness? This Packer blogger squashes that notion.

Here’s a music segway into the weekend. Louis Jordan is a legendary artist from the 1930s-1950s. I snjoy his up-tempo style of jump swing.

On Reminders for Republicans

Since I recently posted 10 useful suggestions for Democrats to regain independent moderate voters, I could not pass up the opportunity to help Republicans.

It’s been interesting observing all the spin created by Scott Brown’s (R) Massachusetts win. Most of it, as Senator McConnell’s (R-KY) “America has spoken” is a bunch of crap. Senator McConnell obviously believes that the Mr. Brown’s votes were overwhelmingly more pro-GOP than anti-Democratic.

First, although the Democratic candidate ran a worse campaign than Al Gore or John Kerry could ever imagine, give Mr. Brown some credit. He out campaigned his opponent and he effectively used the Democratic control in Washington to his advantage.

As the Republicans gain momentum, let Republicans not forget that Mr. Brown is a Republican moderate, and not a social conservative – a RINO that conservatives treat as outcasts.

Let Republicans not forget that the far right was not happy with John McCain winning the nomination – thus, in my opinion, the prime reason behind the running mate selection of then-Governor Palin. Although we do not know the answer, does anyone believe a Republican far-right candidate would win in Massachusetts?

Let Republicans not forget that President Reagan was not as conservative as you proclaim. Stop proclaiming conservatism in the spirit of President Reagan because he was closer to a moderate than to your current branding.

Let Republicans not forget that the majority of Americans see Washington as the problem, and each party has a lower approval/higher disapproval rating than President Obama.

Let Republicans not forget that that the majority of Americans are just like the RINOs – right center – not far right.

One question. When and on what issue are you going to stop blaming Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid and then support President Obama?

Relax Republicans. Just like the Democrats, I expect you to remain clueless.

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