On Reminders for Republicans

Since I recently posted 10 useful suggestions for Democrats to regain independent moderate voters, I could not pass up the opportunity to help Republicans.

It’s been interesting observing all the spin created by Scott Brown’s (R) Massachusetts win. Most of it, as Senator McConnell’s (R-KY) “America has spoken” is a bunch of crap. Senator McConnell obviously believes that the Mr. Brown’s votes were overwhelmingly more pro-GOP than anti-Democratic.

First, although the Democratic candidate ran a worse campaign than Al Gore or John Kerry could ever imagine, give Mr. Brown some credit. He out campaigned his opponent and he effectively used the Democratic control in Washington to his advantage.

As the Republicans gain momentum, let Republicans not forget that Mr. Brown is a Republican moderate, and not a social conservative – a RINO that conservatives treat as outcasts.

Let Republicans not forget that the far right was not happy with John McCain winning the nomination – thus, in my opinion, the prime reason behind the running mate selection of then-Governor Palin. Although we do not know the answer, does anyone believe a Republican far-right candidate would win in Massachusetts?

Let Republicans not forget that President Reagan was not as conservative as you proclaim. Stop proclaiming conservatism in the spirit of President Reagan because he was closer to a moderate than to your current branding.

Let Republicans not forget that the majority of Americans see Washington as the problem, and each party has a lower approval/higher disapproval rating than President Obama.

Let Republicans not forget that that the majority of Americans are just like the RINOs – right center – not far right.

One question. When and on what issue are you going to stop blaming Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid and then support President Obama?

Relax Republicans. Just like the Democrats, I expect you to remain clueless.

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5 thoughts on “On Reminders for Republicans

  1. Reagan would be called a Dangerous Liberal by this generation of GOP Tea Party members and Fox News.


    Also Richard Nixon would be called a Socialist or a Communist for his pro environment and his proposed Health Care Bill he proposed that was more progressive than anything President Barack Obama has proposed but The Late Sen Ted Kennedy rejected it by demanding a single payer bill and would not settle for anything less, Kennedy said in the past years that he deeply regretted not accepting Nixon’s proposal.


    • Larry,
      Thanks for the comments and interesting article. As I’ve said before, the conservative wing didn’t support John McCain then nor do they now … and the list of examples as you gave can go on and on.

      Hope all is well – thanks for commenting.


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  3. WOW! Well I actually had to read this one standing from the outside, because my experiences with the GOP has not been positive, even when I’ve given them the opportunity. So my experiences of the GOP may be different than others or similar in comparison to theirs with the Democrats.

    The line I like the most was this “When and on what issue are you going to stop blaming Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid and then support President Obama?”

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we everyone in Congress had to leave after a single term. Modify the term to being in line with the President. If he or one day she is in office one term then the Congress has to go too. Perhaps that would get both sides working for the people instead of themselves. Oh well, just a thought.

    I doubt any of these guys will ever support President Obama for reasons many of them will never admit. Just like Democrats will continue to refuse to ever support Bush for reasons they’re unwilling to admit.

    Although I seriously doubt I would ever be a Republican, I have moved closer to the center. I guess Center Left. I still believe there should be a Centrist Party to just take both Republicans & Democrats out. Why not call it the Independent Party or something.

    Anyway, good post as usual. Who knows, before it’s all over perhaps I’ll have an (I) behind my name instead of the (D). 🙂 You continue to make me think and consider other points of views, so thanks.


    • Tim,
      Glad you enjoyed this one. Both parties are doing what they can to convince me to not vote for them. That’s sad. You having an (I) will open your mind to a new world. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.


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