On a Sports Story Bigger than Sports

I am a University of Cincinnati season ticket holder for football. Football fans know that the highs of the 12-0 season went into the toilet with the thrashing received from Florida in the Sugar Bowl – but there is a better story – a story about life that is bigger and better than the season and the scoreboard in any sport.

Last summer UC became the first college program in the country to “adopt” a child through Friends of Jaclyn, a foundation connecting children with brain tumors with high school and college sports times. I previously posted about this story before, but this story never gets old and helps put life into perspective.

I invite you to learn more by reading this article from the UC Magazine, watching the video below from Fox Sports Ohio, or by visiting the links below. Better yet, I hope you visit more than one.

Friends of Jaclyn
Friends of Jaclyn Video
Mitch’s Mission

2 thoughts on “On a Sports Story Bigger than Sports

  1. I had no idea about Cincinnati adopting a child as a University, definitely something other “big money” Universities should be doing. I wonder what this involves other than the monetary considerations of course. I will definitely check out the article.

    Thanks Frank


    • Rad,
      This story has been covered well locally, and is a great story. And to think that UC was the first big university to get on board. Thanks for stopping by.


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