On a What-If Election

I know health insurance reform is now passed, but this is a different question that actually isn’t directly related to a signature. If the next presidential election were today, would I vote to re-elect President Obama?

Before giving my answer and reasons, I must say that I did not vote for either Senator McCain or President Obama in November 2008 because candidates must earn my vote. Also, keep in mind that through numerous posts on this site, I have demonstrated that I am not a partisan ideologue.

Regardless of the Republican opponent, if the next presidential election was today, I could not vote for President Obama for two main reasons.

First, he ran on being a bipartisan that unites; yet he has relied on the partisan Democratic leadership in Congress to exercise their bully pulpit. I continually point to the Economic Stimulus bill as an excellent opportunity to veto in order to set a tone. Although I do not approve the Republican “No” tactic, I will place much blame on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid link.

Secondly, to his credit, the President is willing to address big, important issues. On the other hand, his tactic seems more akin to the high school student who starts a major term paper the night before it is due and expects an A or B because of its timely completion. The overshadowing of his interest in doing something over doing something well is both obvious and unexpected to me.

David Brooks’ descriptions of President Obama from both the right and left perspective as right on because of the nature of partisan politics. On the other hand, I disagree with Brooks’ description of the president as a center-left pragmatic reformer because I have yet to see the “center” part of that equation.

So far, President Obama (and seemingly unknowingly) is on the path to one-term mediocrity. Maybe the best thing he needs for charting a new course is for Republicans to gain control of at least one Capitol Hill chamber.

A note to Republicans: At this point, regardless whom you run, at this point you do not have my vote because you remain clueless when it comes to meeting the needs of the people and the country. At least President Obama has a few more years to change my mind.


7 thoughts on “On a What-If Election

  1. This is a great post…I often avoid writing about politics because people get so heated over the topic and things can spin out of control…I started commenting and it turned into a blog post all of it’s own…Stop by and watch me spin out of control! LOL!


  2. I must say Frank that I totally agree with you – I can’t vote for him again, and I can’t vote for the Republican Party at this moment. Obama has a chance to prove he deserves my vote, but I don’t think he will prove that he does. He’s too wrapped up in the liberal agenda to do anything worthwhile.

    That’s why I’ve decided to run for President myself. LOL.

    Seriously, bi-partisanship is the biggest problem with our system right now. Instead of working for the interests of the people, Republicans and Democrats work 24/7 to one-up each other and pocket as much money from lobbyists and special interest groups as they possibly can.

    At the rate he’s going now, I will be shocked if Obama is elected to a 2nd term, unless the Republican Party screws up again and puts the wrong people on the ticket.


    • Brad,
      One thing for sure, you are right on about each party working 24/7 for outside dollars. I really believe that the fall elections will be key to President Obama’s 2nd term … thus why the GOP getting control in at least one chamber could be a big benefit for him … and yes, the Republicans are very capable of screwing things up.

      Thanks for the comment.


  3. I give him credit for not running to Camp David for a 6 week vacation after passing this bill…seems the guys before him would have

    his staying on the job and actually working is refreshing to see from a president


    • CCC,
      I see you point. Actually, no matter how well a president does, each of them has positives and negatives. Plus we have to remember that that has to be one tough job! Thanks for commenting.


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