On a Han D Monday

This could be a good week. Baseball starts on Thursday – and Opening Day is always special in Cincinnati. (More about that on Thursday). Plus, I plan to do four or five posts this week – which is a hopeful thought for me.

Good hands are important in baseball. So are quickness, good feet, and balance. To start your week, here’s a 2010 web classic with two people using their hands to simulate that they do with their feet as Irish dancers.

Enjoy and hope you have a good week – and I hope return each day this week. This video requires an extra click as it must be viewed on YouTube.


4 thoughts on “On a Han D Monday

  1. Good to see you once again! And a whole week’s worth of posts? This WILL be a good week, regardless of ball games. I’m glad things seem to be going well by you. 🙂
    Are those the two that do the MickeyD’s commercial? (Which, if you haven’t seen, you wouldn’t know – sorry!)
    Have a good (if premature) Monday!


    • Hello John,
      I haven’t seen the McD commercial you mentioned, but given the hit of this video, it wouldn’t surprise me. As far as the week goes, I hope I can provide enough for your fix. 🙂 Have a good week and thanks for commenting.


  2. Oh! You did post this one. I remember you commenting on one of my posts saying that you’ll one day have this vid on your Monday post. Cool! It’s nice to watch it one more time.

    I tried it a few times and my oh my… I ended up getting confused. Hahahah. I’d better just watch the video 🙂 It’s better for my mental health.

    Hope all is well, Frank! Have an awesome week. 🙂


    • Hi Maxi,
      When I was posting it, I knew I got the idea from someone, but couldn’t remember who it was … so thank for jogging my memory! And I have another one from you in the future, and hope to remember next time.

      FYI: I saw an interview with them. It seems they are Irish dancers, and the hands things was a way for them to rehearse without dancing. Interesting! Thanks for visiting!


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