On a Monday Mash

The Iowa State Fair got more than its fair share of news this weekend. For those who missed my Saturday Breaking News Iowa updates via Facebook, I included them below.

  • Palin and Bachmann to wrestle in corn dog batter this evening
  • Funnel cake batter presidential hair look-alike contest at 4
  • Straw poll voters stumped by this question: Outside of Ron Paul, which GOP presidential candidate has an original idea?
  • Bachmann rails against pork spending – Romney vows to buy grand champion pig
  • Bachmann convinces Palin to shoot Romney’s new pig
  • Bachmann wins event where people pay to vote

County, state fairs, and local festivals are known to have signature foods and events. Well, I celebrated the weekend with my first-ever deep-fried Twinkie – but it wasn’t at a fair.

So, to start your week and in honor of summer events of Americana, here’s a two-minute tribute to Mashed Potato Wrestling. Have a good week!

17 thoughts on “On a Monday Mash

  1. Not to be a nit-picker (actually, to indeed be one), wouldn’t a mashed-potato wrestling champ have to wrestle the potatoes? After all, if you’re the woman’s wrestling champ, it’s because you’ve wrestled other women, not wrestled in women. (I’ll let you muse on that concept for a while! πŸ˜‰ )
    Can’t we just eliminate all the confusion with who’s shooting whose pig, and just have Palin, Bachmann, and Romney shoot each other? For that, I’d provide the guns AND the ammunition! Heck, I’d volunteer to do the shooting! πŸ˜€
    Have a good week! (Jeez, this weekend went by FAST!)


  2. Hello Frank!

    I really want to try that deep-fried Twinkie. I can’t find one here in Sweden. 😦

    That mashed potato wrestling looks cool! But I doubt if I want to be in it. I’ll be happy to watch and take some photos though.

    Have a great week, Frank!


  3. Boo! I love mashed potatoes. That’s sacrilege.

    And πŸ˜† @ Palin and Bachmann to wrestle in corn dog batter this evening I think people are more interested in a corn dog eating contest. For the pictures.


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