On Exploring Nature

This is episode 4 of this holiday’s Exploring series. With yesterday’s focus on light, there is a logical connection between light and nature. After all, light is the foundation for life as we know it on Earth … and nature is the center stage for each of our lives.

Nature is all around us. We interact with it,Β sense it, we explore it, and even ignore it. Thankfully, not everyone chooses to ignore it. As a matter of fact, they share what they’ve learned with anyone who is willing to learn.

Nature is a fascinating place and even linked to numbers. After watching this video, share your thoughts in the comments. Do you have a favorite pattern in nature?

47 thoughts on “On Exploring Nature

  1. I am partial to the dragonfly, so much so I have three tattooed on my leg, each representing one of our children. I love the pattern on their wings. When we were at my uncle’s farm a few years ago, the field in front of the house, had hundreds of them flying around, it was amazing.


  2. Nature is my paint-box Frank, I find colour and light within ALL of it.. and Loved that Video and even before I turned it on, I was going to say the Spiral is my favourite shape… Sacred Geometry is in everything… πŸ™‚ even our DNA πŸ™‚ as we spiral and spiral around in the sacred hoop of time…

    Enjoy your day…. And if I dont manage to get back I hope too.. Happy New Year to you and your family Frank.. πŸ™‚


  3. Awesome, Frank.

    There is a trend of which I read recently. I believe it was called the “google effect” and it refers to the evolving (evolved?) behavior of using the internet cloud as fundamental. Is this the demise of general education on mathematics and other basics? Why should the average student go to the trouble of learning algebra and calculus when the answers are available for the asking on the internet. Indeed, why memorize the presidents or learn geography when there is Wikipedia? If the world lost the power grid, how long would it take people to recover the knowledge? Will we have to wait for a new Fibonacci, another Newton?


    • Jim,
      Great insight. One side of me sides with the student because there is an aspect of knowing how to use the body of knowledge, while also questioning the components of general education. Then again, I don’t expect education to change much because of its own inertia … but, that is a topic in itself. Glad this video sparked an interesting comment.


  4. Some lovely imagery in that. I tend to groove on multiples of 4 and 5 – 4, because of binary code in computers, and common lengths of data fields or quantities being either multiples of 8 or 16. 5, or more properly 5 squared, is metric to Imperial measure – a 25mm cannon is an inch in diameter (more or less) and the USS MIssouri’s 16-inch guns are 400mm (again, roughly). In terms of general shapes, lines do more for me, because I need straight lumber or evenly-sided bricks, and even rocks in fill need to have sharp edges, because round ones slip out of place. But hexes will always be near and dear to me, from my board wargaming days.
    And I’d add “Jeez that makes me sound weird”, but you already knew that! πŸ˜€
    Have a good rest-of-the-weekend!


  5. Oh my favorite: Nature! I love the hidden but always there patterns of nature. This film captured many of my favorite images, especially the nautilus shell. What I love is when the patterns surface to our awareness unexpectedly: sun filtering through the clouds, birds chirping in the morning, reflections especially on water. Love this! Thanks. Happy New Year!


  6. Mmmm … I do not have a favorite pattern in nature. Having been a jewelry
    designer for 28 years, I didn’t enjoy this video as much either. It is beautiful. I wanted to pick the daisy and put it in a vase so I could see it longer. In jewelry making your limited to circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. After a while, those shapes become your enemies in your world of creativity. There’s just no way around it. Ssooo … from that perspective, I am not a fan even though it’s a great video. ( sorry ) ~~~~~ : – O


  7. Another great video, Frank. Thank you. I’m not sure I have a favorite, although spirals and the sunflower patterns are up near the top (if there is a top). My favorite usually ends up being whatever has me absorbed at the time. πŸ™‚


  8. I really loved this, Frank. I’m very tuned into the patterns of nature, but I don’t think of myself as being very mathematical or steeped in the hard sciences. In fact, at times I feel quite mathematically inept! But these images gave me a fresh way to think about that. I suppose in my own way I do have at least a mathematical appreciation for the order and symmetry in nature. The science behind why the waves and tide move in concert with the moon is one of my favorite contemplations and I can get lost in staring at a wave train. Another beautiful video!


  9. Wonder why I haven’t commenting on this post … I have clicked on like – maybe a back part has come in the way. Never been good with numbers … but in this video they really fascinated me. That dragonfly section … just wonderful, watched the video twice.


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