On a Monday

After a few days of a weather-flirt with spring, the week ahead appears to be a return to winter temperatures. After our abnormally cold winter, I’m ready to move toward complaining about the summer heat and humidity.

How was your weekend? Come on now … tell us what you did!

It was an odd weekend for me. While I’m home slaving away packing for a move, my wife is with her sister cruising in the Caribbean. Sorry … but that just doesn’t sound as much fun as wrapping paper, bubble wrap, boxes, and tape. Plus, I (for some ridiculous reason) took on a short project for a client. On the plus side, it provides a break from packing. Also, believe it or not, I did go to a dance studio.

Celebrations for your calendar!

  • (Week) Pancake Week, Homes for Birds Week, Pickle Time Week, New Idea Week, Bird Health Awareness Week, Secondhand Wardrobe Week
  • (Mon) Tortilla Chip day, Trading Card Day, Cupcake Day, Museum Advocacy Day, Bartender Day
  • (Tues) Chocolate Covered Peanuts Day, Quiet Day, Let’s All Eat Right Day
  • (Wed) Thermos Bottle Day, Tell a Fairy Tale Day, First Movie Cartoon Day, For Pete’s Sake Day, Pistachio Day, Personal Chef Day
  • (Thurs) No-Brainer Day, Kahlua Day, Polar Bear Day, Chili Day

To start your week with a chuckle, this video reminds me of last February’s trip to Italy. Thanks to Debra (@ Bagni di Lucca and Beyond) for this one. Enjoy … and have a good week.

83 thoughts on “On a Monday

    • Guapo,
      Good point on the joint celebrations. Meanwhile, bubble wrap in the Caribbean opens up many possibilities, but I want to know is how you would combine the two into a Caribbean adventure.

  1. Your wife’s cruising, and you’re packing. Sounds like you got the short end of the stick there!

    We went to my son’s school auction this weekend. Came home with a fondue set. Now I just have to use it…

  2. Reminded me of the time I went to Barbados (to visit my brother) with two of our three children (the eldest was on a trip in France), hubby got to stay home and stain the new staircase to the second floor.

    Anyways how about that Canadian Men’s hockey team? They played well, or like the women one might say. :-)

  3. Ah Frank – you have a good woman there – one who knows exactly when to book her holidays. She’s just gone straight to the top of my most admired list!

    I loved the little film – so true, except it didn’t show the little moped drivers leaping off and shaking their fists and screaming ‘bastardo!’ at each other and the car drivers who cut them off at the roundabouts! It’s my favourite place in the whole world – every other country is just plain boring when compared to Italy.

    Have a good week Frank.

  4. I am taking Monday and Thursday as my own!!

    Cruising or Packing, hmmm. Bubble Wrap or All You Can Eat and Drink, hmmmm. Frank, somehow I think you are missing something here. Though you could set up a camera and do a dance on the bubble wrap, I suspect it would be an instant hit.

    Loved the film! Have a great week.

    • Val,
      Well now … considering that this cruise is not all you can drink … well, except ice tea and lemonaide …. I’m the obvious winner! ;) Besides, I can purposely leave the house a mess!!!

  5. Went to southeastern Oklahoma for a day of hiking (half of it bushwhacking as it turned out because of fallen trees and branches from winter ice storms…through thorny thickets of greenbriar in many places (I have the scratches to prove it)) then a day of recovery yesterday and a birthday lunch with my sister.

  6. What great weekend weather, Frank! I could get used to sunny skies and temperatures in the fifties in a heartbeat I have such snow and cold fatigue! But yeah, I know I’m stuck wearing the fleece again this week. As for what I did, my highlight was attending a Beatle exhibit that was a blast and lovely lame adventure.

    That Bruno Bozetto cartoon was so much fun! I loved his often very witty work way back when. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Oh my, your wife really did draw the short straw, Frank. How awful to be cruising instead of packing up the house! Hope you’re doing well there, and don’t forget that if anything gets broken in the move, it will be your fault. :D That reminds me that I should start packing as we leave on Wednesday. :(

    • Good Morning Trent! Glad this was about to start the week with a smile. Congrats on the Men’s hockey gold. Although I thought the Swedes looked sluggish, the Team Canada defense was very good.

      • Thanks Frank. I like to take credit for all our gold medals. Not the other ones though, they’re rubbish. Just kidding. Yes, not quite the drama of the final in Vancouver, against the States – that game was sublime, but we’ll take this. Nothing really penetrates the Canadian psyche like hockey. If we had lost, we would have smiled about it as we slunk to our caves for endless brooding over the next four years. Glad we won.

  8. …”cruising in the Caribbean” and left you packing and …NO dancing?!!! What can I say, Frank – at least you get to do things your own pace and drink a lot of wine!!! Have a great new week and smile! :-)

  9. This weekend? Did my taxes. Check. Went grocery shopping. Check. Purchased more choccy covered peanuts unaware I’d be celebrating Tuesday eating the entire bag. Check. Trimmed the roses to knee-height in our city park block that our volunteers Friends of South Park Blocks take care of. Check. Spring can’t be too far away. Check.
    Booked May flight to London to celebrate just about anything I want to celebrate. Check. Check and check. Posted aFA more bubble wrap. Check.

    Bring on the Monday. I’m good to go….

    • Raye,
      Sounds like a good weekend … and woo hoo … a back to London you go in May!!! Believe it or not, a city I have yet to visit. However, I did see it from the air! Meanwhile, I’m going though loads of packing paper!

  10. This was our ski weekend and we got three days of great shusshing in! Also a wonderful dinner a “Ember” in Breckenridge. Very creative menu including a BLT pizza with bacon marmalade, arugula and roasted tomatoes, a pear salad with warm pear and fontina and a fabulous New York Strip with pumpkin seed mashed potatoes, guacamole and a queso fundido. Every bite was delicious. The good news? We skied off the calories! Hope the move is going well, Frank. It will be over soon!

  11. We actually got outside and went for a walk. Also, did a fair amount of house cleaning. Melanie is hosting a meeting of some quilters today for lunch. Got up early today, went to the grocery for breakfast and coffee, shopped and came home.

    I will likely celebrate Bartender Day this evening.

    I have a play date with my 3 yr old grandson tomorrow morning at the library.

      • I am actually secretly jealous–and a condo is probably in our future, too. We live in an old home in a trendy, up and coming area, and when the time is right, we will probably sell. I love our old house, and all the work we’ve put into it, but I won’t miss the work in the garden (just don’t tell my husband). And for the record, my husband is from Ohio. Are you guys born with this incredible drive to garden and have perfect yards? Is it the whole protestant work ethic thing? :-)

        • Your home sounds wonderful. Because you husband is into perfect lawns, I’m guessing he is from a metropolitan area … so where are his Ohio roots? …. and yes, we’ll be leaving nice landscape.

        • He grew up in Wauseon, a very small town near Toledo. Every time we visit, and I see all the beautiful, tidy, open lawns (we love our privacy fences down here), all I can do is shake my head. It explains a lot–that, and his German ancestry! The first thing he did when we bought the house was tear down the fence–unheard of in Dallas! Then he relandscaped the entire front and back yards, put in subsurface irrigation, a huge vegetable garden, and grass like you see on golf courses. It’s a lot of work!

        • Small world as I know Wauseon because I went to college down the road … no … not at UT … but at Bowling Green. Sounds like you have one of the best landscaped homes in the area!

  12. What is it about February? My husband went to Geneva without me. Your wife goes on a cruise without you. Payback will be hell! (When is spousal payback day, Frank. Be sure to alert me!)

  13. The video is really funny! Clever. How nice for your wife and her sister to have this time away. I am sure they are really enjoying themselves, and it seems well-timed for them–not so sure what it says about you. LOL! I’m hoping that tomorrow is indeed a quiet day. I could use that!

    • Debra,
      Given the loss of their mother in December, it’s good for them …. and yes … lousy for me. But, I am trying to hammer through what I must do … but no Quiet Day celebration for me.

  14. I’m a day late on this post & a day behind on eating tortilla chips. That’s what I’m snacking on right now. :)
    So nice of you to take care of packing & stuff while wifey is on a cruise with her sis.
    You’re a keeper & she knows it. ;)
    I’m ready to complain about hot, humid summer days too – LOL

    • RoSy,
      Belated tortilla chip celebrations are OK. Meanwhile, with me doing so much packing while someone else is enjoying warm sunny weather and a different island everyday, I must have a big “L” on my forehead.

  15. Tuesday is Quiet Day?! Quiet Day?! How was I not aware of this momentous occasion. Mathair’s a complete social butterfly, (most of my family is) while I’m the stoic/introverted black sheep. People are actually surprised when I finally open my mouth, everybody just assumes I can’t speak or don’t know how. LOL ;) I will mark this post as my glorious discovery of Quiet Day and will remember it always… and celebrate the hell outta Tuesday. Great post, Frank.

  16. Where do you find all the fantastic videos …. this is just brilliant and I got a big smile for breakfast. Are you moving home????? Have missed the completely – your wife is a smart woman she goes on a cruise and leave you with the packing.

    • Viveka,
      Yes … I’m moving … but only a short distance (10-12 km). After 27 years in this house, we have our share of things … so it’s a slow-but-sure process. My wife trip was booked before we even had the thought of moving … and after the passing of my Mother-in-Law, it was good for her and her sister to get away .. but she probably doesn’t imagine the stress at this end.

      • Frank, somebody has said that moving house is one of the most dramatic experiences we can go through since our birth. I believe that.
        Sometimes is better to move a longer distance, because everything is packed a lot better and more organized too. Good luck .. and I’m sure you have your hands full for weeks to come.
        I remember when I moved back to Sweden from Ireland. 192 items … everything wrapped up and numbered by the removal company (British) – and I had nearly no furniture. Also I used an American software for trail week, so I could furnish every room online and print out – had taken measures on every piece … the best thing I ever done, and I haven’t had to move around one piece. Everything went straight into place. Brilliant software, can’t remember the name.

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