On Exploring a Northern Island

Like many, I first learned about Iceland when studying the Vikings in elementary school. As an island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean, today I don’t think of the Vikings, but genetics is my prime thought. Although there is some disagreement on the matter, some consider Icelandic genes to be more homogeneous (less diverse) than other lands. Given the mobility of humans today and because isolation is one important aspect of evolution, the thought is intriguing.

Being that we enjoy cruising, cruise ships do go to Iceland … and my wife has mentioned an interest in visiting the mountainous place with hot springs.

Enjoy this National Geographic video about Iceland.


19 thoughts on “On Exploring a Northern Island

  1. Lovely, absolutely special! I have not yet visited Iceland, in fact it is a bit ‘”off course” (if you allow me the definition)…
    Last year we were in Scotland and I could see the Northern Lights… not so majestic as that of the movie. We have to do a little thought… the idea about the cruise is perfect! Relax, enjoy and time to write… have a lovely w.e. 🙂 claudine


  2. Icelandic Air used to have a great deal where you could stop in Reykjavík for two days on the way to other destinations in Europe. I always wanted to go …


  3. Iceland is an interesting place with interesting history. I visited its Wikipedia page and learned more than I probably need since I’m one of those people who need a lot of sunlight just for my mood. It is a rather scary and isolated place, scrunched up against the Arctic Circle, situated astraddle of the North Atlantic Ridge and comprising a volcanic hot spot.

    I learned more about the wordthrall. It comes mainly in the Gaelic variety. Enthralling.


  4. I’ve enjoyed your entire “Exploring” series, Frank. I follow so many blogs now that I can’t possibly visit and comment on each blogger’s posts every week, but I like to pick one favorite blogger (I’ve neglected for a spell) and comment on as many recent posts as I can. The reason you came to mind today is that I had out-patient surgery in your fair city this morning. Maybe it was the lingering effect of the medication that made me wax so eloquent in some of my comments, or maybe it’s just the joy of having the surgery behind me, but for whatever reason, you had my full attention today.


    • John,
      Glad you enjoyed the Exploring series. I used them as scheduled posts during my time away due to moving. These posts were fun to put together, and reading all the comments each day gave me some comfort during the frantic nature of moving.

      I recall that you were coming to town in April. Because that has now happened, do you have a follow-up visit?


      • Was sorry that there was no time for us to connect this trip. We drove in Tues. evening, had to be at the hospital at 7:15 yesterday morning, and Henrietta drove me home as soon as I was discharged. My follow-up visit will be at the VA hospital in Chillicothe (only an hour away from Athens). The surgery? Well, let’s just say that everything came out all right in the end.


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