Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 308

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The recent attack at the Istanbul airport rips one’s heart. Blogger Nia quickly came to my mind because I know she’s a kind, sensitive person who is unhappy with the political turmoil and the regional violence. I encourage you to visit her blog to offer your support to her and the good people in Turkey.

Although I continue to believe my personal mantra that the majority of the world is good, this and similar incidents challenge my view …. but I continue to hang on! Meanwhile, the key to defeating ISIS (in my opinion) starts within the Arab world.

Loud cheers to Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred for allowing the Cincinnati Reds to honor Pete Rose by retiring his number and allowing him to enter the Reds Hall of Fame. The previous commissioner felt the need to extend Rose’s punishment to the Reds organization, Reds fans, and the city of Cincinnati.

Hey hey hey – it looks like our Argentine Tango class will be extended by one week!

The distance separating Cincinnati and West Virginia isn’t very much. Whereas very little rain has fallen at my residence, West Virginia is flooding. I think it’s President Obama’s fault.

My life has been one of major adjustments the past 3 months. My wife’s retirement and my part-time job have affected whatever time is left in a day – therefore, my poor attendance among the blogs.

Thanks to all who participated in Colors: The Musical! As of this writing, I’m way behind on replying to comments, but I’ll get there! Thanks for your patience.

This is a long holiday weekend in the US (4th of July), so no Explore post this weekend.

The combo came to mind by using the subject lines in my email spam folder: Rock-hard Trump destroys Cialis implant

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I found interest in this week’s Supreme Court ruling regarding the abortion laws. Although Ohio was not on the list of states with similar laws, my state has also been on the restrictive path.

Polls and studies showing the majority of Americans say that Congress is doing a bad/poor job make me laugh because the vast majority of elected officials in Congress get re-elected. Which best describes the voting public: anger or complacency?

The recent BREXIT vote created many shock waves across the world. Around all the chaos, it is important to remember the primary cause: It’s President Obama’s fault.

Be cause of the US process for electing a president, I know national polls are essential meaningless – but the closeness of the polls is both fascinating and disturbing.

This week’s aFa Power Rankings for Donald Trump’s running mate: 5) Mitch Pence, 4) Chris Christie, 3) Bob Corker, 2) Jeff Sessions, 1) Newt Gingrich

The first week’s aFa Power Rankings for Hillary Clinton’s running mate: 5) Sherrod Brown 4) Elizabeth Warren, 3) Xavier Becerra, 2) Thomas Perez, 1) Tim Kane

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To lead us into the satire portion of this post, The Onion provides tips for handling social anxieties.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Man driving while making YouTube video to explain how PC culture destroying America
‘Five-Second Rule’ disproven
Black mark on birth control manufacturer’s record weighs in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces
Factory robot working on some of its own designs after hours
Three-year-old announces plan to point out fat people all day long.
Only news source man trusts has logo of eyeball with crosshair

Interesting Reads
A moderate working in a polarized environment
Classic music and new technologies (Thanks Tim)
A collection of matchbook boxes from India
Education in Estonia
The Irish pirate queen
Has physics made philosophy and religion obsolete?
(Photos) The Night Skies

Here’s one of my all-time favorite music videos. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

32 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 308

  1. Hi Frank. I try to share your optimism about people, despite recent events. The woman I’m co-editing a book with and her family are Turkish, and lived in Turkey, but just moved to Sweden. She said they were in that airport a few days before the attack.

    Your Obama remarks made me laugh. 🙂 People do say such ridiculous things.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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  2. The article by Brookings Institution 2015 Legis fellow Lauren Kosa was to-the-point and hopeful. I plan to explore more of her writings. Also thanks for putting Estonia’s education system on my radar screen.

    After all the effort I made a couple years ago to research the reasons why the Congressional Job Approval polling consistently hovers in the 70-80 percent disapproval range, you JUST NOW are telling me that polls and studies showing that the majority of Americans say that Congress is doing a bad/poor job makes you laugh?!!

    I was surprised and unnerved to see Mike Pence’s name surface on your Trump VP short list.

    Please send me the website address of Blogger Nia in Turkey so I can lend support.

    No splats.


    • Tim,
      Nia’s site is linked to her name in this post … or … on the sidebar – Photography by Nia (or something close to that).

      Gov Pence has been on my radar – after all, he has aspirations, and if he sees The Bloviator as an avenue, he’ll take it.

      Yes …. the approval/disapproval ratings of Congress does make me laugh in relationship to the success of incumbents … so my question stands.

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  3. I haven’t been able to do much blog reading recently either, and you know whose fault it is. Although, that’s actually at least partly true – I have less free time because I just moved, I moved because I bought a house, I bought a house because both I and the economy are doing okay financially, and that’s at least in part Obama’s fault.


  4. It’s Canada Day!
    I’m hopeful for humanity, Frank, but I’m not holding my breath. Never mind Isis & general terrorists, the way I see people treat animals, friends, family and community in every day life makes me sad,,,, and I am a happy person by general nature. Take care… I luv the vid!


    • Resa,
      Happy Canada Day!

      At its core, humanity is good … but selfishness can get in the way. I noticed behavior changes when reality TV took hold … of course I wonder if people are imitating reality TV or if reality TV is imitating people?


  5. Everything is Obama’s fault, I knew that!

    Always you provide a plethora of reading for me to open my mind and savor! The nightscapes are a wonder, I could stop there. The rest though, I don’t know which are my favorite! I think today just because it was such a fun read and one of my favorite times in history, the Pirate Queen, forgotten by all but certainly not by the locals, well that was fun. Politics, always my terrible weakness, interesting one and more to discover.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Val,
      Damn … that means you already know the Zika is also Obama’s fault!

      I know you are one of my biggest fans of the Interesting Reads, so I value your feedback. Having a variety is one of my goals in the collection …. as well as sensible political outlooks. Cheers!

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  6. Count me as one more vote for Simon and Chase as favorite music video, Frank. It has always had a strange fascination for me.

    Have you watched all of the clip on Has physics actually made philosophy and religion obsolete? I just wondered; it’s fairly lengthy. I hope that other readers who may have missed it will do so, although I will admit that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I, for one, find it greatly satisfying to know the nature of, uh, well, nature. Krauss’ lecture is the best on theoretical physics that I’ve seen.

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  7. LOL … on the video, aFrank. I enjoyed listening to it, once again.
    My hubby’s name is Al. We (my girls and I) used to tease him all the time.
    I am heartbroken by the events on the news as of late. I remembered Nia too when I heard the news feed. Too many have been broken. I pray things change soon.
    Blessings to all ….
    Isadora 🙏

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    • Mouse,
      This has been my first exposure to Argentine Tango … and the differences between Argentine and American Tango are striking … but enjoy both … Although my Argentine journey is very short, it’s been fun!

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  8. I don’t think Hillary and Trump need Veeps so much as they need babysitters. And to think, we still have four whole months of this steel cage match ahead of us. Unless Lebron replaces Trump at the convention in Cleveland.

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