On 2000

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Because I like milestones, celebrating my 2000th post was a given, but I’m going with a low-key approach – a post with a little reflection – a post where I can appreciate the presence of those who stop by to comment – and surprisingly, not a post featuring many factoids about the number.

The journey since 28 August 2008 has been interesting. I have no doubt about the many good people I’ve encountered in my little corner of the world. Good people simply have a way of finding each other.

That first post was a short one, but below is the one paragraph that has served as a guiding light for me … and I’ve done that!

To readers I promise insight, yet will respect comments from others. I will be respectful to all as bashing is not my style, thus hope others are the same. Disagreement and criticism are fine, but it should be done with class. Other times I will simply provide information for readers to use.

Blogs involve an interaction between the writer and readers. I greatly appreciate the readers here – and a special tip of the hat to the hardy that have been around for much of my journey. The visitor with the longest tenure has been Tim – a personal friend here that I’ve known for many years. He actually encouraged me to start the blog after I told him of the possibility. Thanks to all the readers, especially those who have taken time to comment. A toast to all who have stopped by here – especially those who took the time to comment.

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What’s ahead? Well, more of the same. I can say that I have over 10 posts in the ready queue (including a short story) – and more typical-me posts about eclectic topics in draft mode. Onward toward the next milestone – 10 years.

Videos have played a vital role on many of the 2000 posts, so I end this occasion with a song you may not know – but the title fits for my view of my readers – and it was the opening song at the first Moody Blues concert I attended. Thanks for stopping by and for supporting my little corner of the world – Be well, do good work, and stay in touch. (Garrison Keillor)

123 thoughts on “On 2000

    • Elyse!!!!
      Woo hoo … Northern Virginia is in the house!

      Knowing that you have been absent or stealth, the fact that you came out for this occasion is special to me. How can it not be when the Queen makes her presence! … and even as the first comment!!!! Many, many thanks for that.

      BTW – I hope you see the post just before this one … and the one to come (Tuesday night). Both are in your zone.

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  1. This is a lovely post Frank, celebrating your 2000th!! (I think I’ve managed one tenth of that in the almost 5 years I’ve been blogging!) It’s quite a commitment and I know you have garnered many loyal readers. I’m not sure how I arrived here or when – I know it is much more recently than Tim 🙂 And even though I disappear from time to time it’s mostly due to other commitments (or broken laptops) and I always look forward to coming by and catching up on my return. Well done and hearty good wishes for another 2000 posts ❤

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    • Pauline … my favorite Kiwi!

      Thanks for the touching comment. I too can’t recall how our lives have crossed, but I’m glad it happen. Artistic, nice, smart, and topped with a good sense of humor. A toast to you! Another 2000? Hmmm … I doubt it, but never say never. 🙂

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    • Carrie …. a fellow Ohioan … and time to celebrate with some local brew!

      I recall how Starla was our link. (Still wonder whatever happened to her) … and we’ve been together a long time. A toast! … clink! … I still laugh at the fact that in person you are an introvert, yet it’s blogs that allow you to bring forth your inner extrovert. You do that well!

      Thanks for mentioning the one paragraph from my first post. The post was short, but that was the key paragraph … and in today’s in-your-face society, I wish more practiced it. Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS on 2000 … it isn’t a surprise that there’s always something interesting happening here, aFrank. I’ve had 395 posts and thought that it was a pretty good number but, now, I’d better get busy. 🤔 You certainly have great discipline to create posts ready for your blog in advance. BRAVO !!!
    I’m always learning from the blogs I follow. You blog is no exception. Thank you for your dedication to this very informative place for us to visit.
    Isadora 😎

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    • Arling! … and actually the second from Northern Virginia.

      The fact that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ignored the Moody Blues for so long has been a frequent point of contention on multiple posts in this collection of 2000 … and then this song came to mind for this post. Perfect! … BTW – they get inducted into the Hall this spring!

      2000 has come through persistence and longevity. Then again, I went through one long stretch of posting 6 days a week. I had a pattern as I thought of it as a weekly magazine. I eventually ran out of stream to keep that pace. Nonetheless, a wonderful journey! Thanks for stopping by … and a toast to our link – Pauline!

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  3. Congratulations, Frank! Bloggers like you and BrainRants taught me the benefits of organization and preparation. 😀
    Thanx for a bit of Moody Blues. Most of them are almost as old as me. It’s just not the same without Ray Thomas. 😯

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    • Jim … All the way from Iowa … and bearer of the title of “Area Man” 😉

      Two of your words just struck me … ponder and laugh …. because that is what I’ve tried to do on these pages as there is a time for each. So you just created a special moment for me. Thanks!

      I recall how we got together. Do you remember Alex from San Antonio? (I wonder want happened to her?)

      In terms of enjoying this journey, it’s been a wonderful ride. I know I’m closer to the end than the beginning, but it’s been not only a lot of fun, but it’s also been a great learning experience.

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  4. Frank, you have truly become a treasured friend. You and I have a lot in common, but along with what we share, you also offer perspectives on many subjects that often challenge me to think a little differently or with a broader relationship to a topic. I think that’s really a very special blogging relationship, so thank you! I do admire how thoughtful, deliberate and disciplined you are in preparing and delivering your blog posts! 2,000 is an amazing number of posts to have published. Congratulations!

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    • Debra …. hey hey hey … and all the way from Pasadena, California!

      Yes – Not only do we go way back in this journey, we are kindred spirits with our common interests and thoughts. Each comment here on this post as stuck me in a different way, and yours has hit me hard. Yes, you affirmed what I’ve tried to do, but you did it in a way that I’m very touched. Partially because relationships is something I didn’t initially expect from blogging. A mega thanks to you! .I can’t recall how I found your blog, but glad I did … but I do recall the first comment was about astronauts!


  5. Bravissimo! I’ve only been here a few short years and yet I like to think of us as friends. We’ve had some wonderful exchanges since our meeting, eh?
    Here’s to many more!!!

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  6. Congratulations dear Frank, I can’t believe how passed the time, all these years with you, with you all, this is amazing. You are one of special blogger friends for me in this world, and I feel always luck to find good people around me/around my blogging world… You always carried us interesting posts, smiling moments, and amazing videos… It is so nice to say this I am a reader of yours… never been cut, never been forgotten… and I am sure, in real life nothing would change between bloggers, you and me. Do you know, what wish(ed), to be one of your students in English language, and also do join your dance club and to learn and dance Tango…

    Thank you dear Frank, Blessing and Happiness and many celebrations in your life.
    Love, nia

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    • Nia … wow … all the way from Turkey!

      Our paths crossed long ago – I can’t recall how, but I’m thinking Shimon – but I’m not sure. Your kindness is genuine … and your English is better than you think! 😀 … I also think about the love we share with dance, music, and cats! … Besides, you live in Istanbul, which is a city I desire to visit. The world is currently a crazy place, and hopefully time will bring some calm for us.

      Thank you for the joy you’ve given me and time you’ve taken to visit me for this celebrations.

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    • Mo!!! …. A toast to Massachusetts’ finest! … and still basking in yesterday’s big win!

      Having a Pioneer visit this post is special. It reminds me of the TSN days at the tavern! Meanwhile, keep running!


  7. Huge congrats dear Frank… Like you, I have been bloging for 10 years now … How fast Time goes, uh!?… You do a great job here, versatile posts, clever insights, music, trips!… Really nice. Love & all the best 😀

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  8. Congratulations on your 2000th post! I’m honored to have been one of those who first encouraged you to share your talent with the blogging world. Too bad so much of social media doesn’t follow the classy guiding light paragraph from your first post, which you’ve stuck to through thick and thin (even with Trump) in all your entries and responses to commenters. P.S. “Lovely To See You” from 1969 is yet another Moody Blues tune I wish had been in the marching band show.

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    • Tim,
      Thank you. You recall that I already had a blogging venture with the Cincinnati Burger Guys … but it was our conversations during the summer of 2008 that helped create my little corner of the world. …. and glad you enjoyed this Moody Blues song.


  9. Yay!!!! Congratulations dear Frank! 🍷🍷💋 I have sincerely enjoyed your blog from the first time I visited. You always have something interesting to say, and clever ways to say it.
    I adore any of your interactive series, mostly thinking of nights at the theater and Christmas parties. The one writing challenge was fun, especially as it was based on your wonderful beach walks.
    You change things up as time passes, so your blog stays fresh. The best for me, though, is how you’ve embraced street art. I’m very excited to be here to see what the future brings! XOXO

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    • Resa … Cheers to the Toronto Queen!

      Thanks for noting some of the post variations I’ve done. A variety of topics is one thing, but other types of posts are good too … challenges, blog musicals, grab-bag gifts to mention a few. I have another challenge coming in the near future – actually will be introduced Friday.

      Many thanks for sticking around my little corner of the world and providing some joyful banter. A toast to goodness! …. Clink!


  10. Frank, I raise my glass in a toast to you! That is indeed a milestone. I love your paragraph about respecting all opinions and treating others with respect. It’s quite simple if you try. Congrats, Frank and here’s to 2000 more. 😃🍾🥂

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    • Brigitte,
      I’ll gladly join into any toast … Clink … Fortunately I don’t have to drive!

      Interesting how we are on similar wavelengths … many common blog friends back in the day – but our paths didn’t cross much until relatively more recently … to which I say thanks. One thing I wonder though … where are you? (State ok).

      Many thanks for joining the celebration.


    • Raye …. the Queen of the Rose City has arrived!

      Your presence and wit always make me smile … and of course your love for tango. Maybe the future will gives us a dance. 🙂 … Thanks for delivering smiles today!

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  11. Does this mean we can’t party like its 1999 any longer? Or should we?

    Great reflections here Frank. Your connection with the readers is genuine and true and I am thankful to be one of those readers.

    And the Moody Blues? Great choice for this post!

    To the next 2000!

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    • Tom … all the way from England!

      I recall your 2000th celebration – not that long ago. … and you too did it by writing! … of course I consider you prolific! After all, I think you did it in a shorter time period!

      Come to think of it, I think we met when you popped into one of my blog parties!

      Thanks for the encouragement and for stopping by on this special occasion.


  12. WOW …she says as she emerges from the offline status gasping in admiration!
    What an achievement! PARTYTIME!!!!!! Yamas, my friend! 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

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    • Marina … my favorite Greek!

      If I created a short list of people I hoped would stop by for this, you would be on it. I know you’ve been busy, so the fact that you visited this post is extra special. Thank you! We go back a long way and have connected! … A toast to friendship … YAMAS!

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    • Patti … hey hey … another Californian! … I think the largest group here!

      Thanks for the kind words and appreciating my variety – which I describe as eclectic. Personally, it keeps me fresh.

      I’m still writing … even have 10 or so in the ready-to-post queue … and more in various draft stages … so I think I’ll make it to late August for the 10th year anniversary.

      Cheers to you for sticking with me!


    • Robin … Cheers to the former Ohioan now in Maryland.

      We’ve been together a long time, so I very much appreciate you stopping by! The next 2,000? I had to luck, but the first thousand took a few weeks more than 4 years … then the second thousand took about 5 years 5 months … I’m trending in the wrong direction! However,that doesn’t mean I can’t keep going!


    • Phillip … and delivering more English touch.

      Thanks for the congrats. Music has been a part of many posts here, and I knew I would conclude this post with more – but this song didn’t come to mind until the day before the post! …. Glad we enjoyed the great music of our time.


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