Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 367

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A tip of the cap to the international rescue efforts in Thailand of the kids in the cave. Interesting how the parents stayed together supporting each other until the last rescue.

Cheers for Cincinnati! A German newspaper proclaims Oktoberfest Zinzinnati as America’s best Oktoberfest.

Although I don’t know when it will start, but I proudly announce the next blog musical: Pronouns: The Musical. Stay tuned for future announcements, but I can say the Playbill is ready and the theme for Act 1 is I. !

Here’s an interesting blog read on a set of topics that are more related than most of us think: courage, humility, and the visual artist. If you stop by, tell Greta I sent you.

Thank you readers for the many interesting comments regarding the last beach walk featuring time.

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As Republicans continue to tout recent tax cuts, I wonder about the net effect of the negative impact of tariffs on the positive gain of tax cuts.

Although a former Democrat criticizing the Democratic party wrote the article, I enjoyed this quote:

Politicians from both parties have gotten away with letting down ordinary Americans for decades because millions of Americans are culturally wedded to their tribal political identities of Republican or Democrat, and can’t think outside the box.

At the recent NATO meeting, President Trump boasted about winning Wisconsin, something that Ronald Reagan didn’t do. Well, this is at least the third time that the Bloviator-in-Chief has made that statement – and the third time he was wrong! Oh well – just more of the same.

Given President Trump’s recent nomination, the high court is about to return to the Supreme Court for the Party – not the people.

Given the political and social climate in the US, I wonder if a civil war is in America’s near future.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides home repair tips.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Pet gerbil absolutely crushing it lately
New report finds fastest-rising cause of death in US is losing chess match to Grim Reaper
Picky refugee just expects to be reunited with exact same family as before
Wimbledon grounds crew frustrated after learning about cement courts
Eco-conscious hotel lets guests decide whether they want room’s towels washed before next guests arrive

Interesting Reads
Lessons from World War I
Buddhism and the over-connected world
10 of the most famous art pieces ever stolen
Facts for World Population Day
Found: The oldest human tools outside of Africa
(Graphic) World’s 20 largest tech giants

To send you into the weekend and continuing the summer theme, here’s a song that may be long before your time. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

40 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 367

  1. Thanks for the Nat King Cole Video. I hope you are wrong about an American Civil War, but one–even if just in ideas and hatred/intolerance–is looming. All we can do is focus on the good things–like the Thai kids being saved. Have a good weekend.

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    • Patti,
      Keep in mind that the civil war comment is me wondering – not predicting. Definitely too much hatred, prejudice, and intolerance in our country. Meanwhile, cheers to your thoughts about focusing on the good.


  2. Saw that ancient tool article this morning, too. Good to have evidence jar what we think is sometimes…so we keep looking.
    The kids in the cave reminded me of Jessica in the well – multiplied. Cheers for the rescued and rescuers. A true hero died there. Natural parents stayed together – sports team parents and parents of crisis become a unit. Know they are anxious to hold their sons again. The coach just be a strong person – hope he is able to continue with pride.
    It’s weird to me how people can be “married” to a political party. Seems lazy – or too trusting.
    Can’t wait to see what in the script for the next musical!

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    • Mouse,
      Oddly enough, Jessica in the well also came to my mind. There is a lot of good in this story – and I hope those thoughts continue. Meanwhile, you have been here long enough to know my thoughts about the partisans. More on the musical in the next OITS!

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  3. The rescue of the boys and their coach in Thailand is so wonderful. It’s the good news we all needed, and how relieved their families must be. I can’t imagine what they went through. Yikes about another civil war. I certainly hope not!

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  4. Nat King Cole – never fails to make me smile… Love, love, love him…
    Bite your tongue about another civil war… that would be horrendous.
    Kudos to the rescue teams who saved those boys and a special note of love to the one who lost his life, making this all possible.
    Dang. Am behind on the latest beach walk – I’m on it next!
    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA! Another Frank Musical! Wooooot!
    You know me.. I am IN like FLINT

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  5. Well, I am old enough to know the Nat King Cole Music but I shall have to live with that!
    I spent two happy years living in California so I find it deeply upsetting to see what is happening in the US. Trump is in the UK as I write and he has insulted our Prime Minister and is trying to influence UK politics. If the PM and the Queen had any spine they would refuse to meet him today. Glad I got that off my chest!

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    • Phillip,
      Cheers to use old enough to remember Nat King Cole! Meanwhile, my apologies for President Trump behavior. Unfortunately, we deal with it every day. He may represent the country, but he does not speak for the majority of Americans.


  6. No splats today but many thanks for:

    The announcement of a new AFA musical – CAN’T WAIT!

    The reminder to me to celebrate the world’s top-rated Octoberfest with a dinner at Mecklenburg Gardens.

    Your well-selected comments on the political/social situation. Keep them coming – Democracy Dies (and wars start) in Darkness.

    The read “World’s 20 largest tech giants” which led me to the essential VisualCapitalist website.

    The Nat King Cole video which described my delightful day in Urbana, Ohio this past week.

    The link to the work of a writer and a visual artist, both of whom I happen to admire.

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  7. Beautiful music Frank.
    The quote you shared with us Frank reminds me of what was said at our dinner table a few nights ago – that the range of political parties in America are very limited. The voting public does not seem to have much choice. I am not very politically literate so I may be wrong.

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  8. I’m not worried whether the negative effect of tariffs is going to offset the effect of tax cuts. I’m worried which is going to have worse effects. 🙂
    I mean, sure, extra $50 or so in a monthly paycheck is nice, but it’s only for 7 years, and the bigger problem is that tax cut bill is adding $1.5 Trillion to the debt, so an average taxpayer is now on the hook for an extra $10K of federal debt, to be repaid (hopefully) with future higher taxes.

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  9. Sometimes I think about another civil war how I would be trapped in a Red State. Those were very brave boys and the divers were heroes. The article on Buddhism and being connected made me think about my time on devices and tv. Love Nat King Cole! Have a good weekend!


  10. I’ve mentioned the idea of a civil war to a few Canadians. I’m met with denial, or silence. I’m sick of being maligned by …. him…
    It broke my heart to see him bully, bloat and gloat re; NATO and T. May and reassert his Vlad love.
    Frank, we need a new musical to help keep our spirits up! I can hardly wait!

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