On She, and a Challenge

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She’s the one for the next dance.

She displays a slight smile as I approach.

She changes her face into a glow as I extend my hand.

She graciously engages my offered frame.

She transforms my leads into beautiful motions.

She glides the floor with grace and elegance.

She makes me feel like the king of the ballroom.

She smiles in appreciation as the music ends.

She is the one.

Note: This post serves as the basis for the She/He Challenge. Click the here or the Challenge Page/Tab below the header/banner for more information. FYI: Unrelated to this challenge, see the SPECIAL Page/Tab for an important announcement. 

45 thoughts on “On She, and a Challenge

    • Pauline,
      No problem – but tell anyone else you think may be interested. I’m curious to see the different directions writers take it … well, assuming I get anyone to join in. 😉 … One never knows. At least this one is a bit different.

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  1. Loved your poetic Dance dear Frank.. We are in the season here in the UK for Strictly Dancing again 🙂 And with a seven year old Granddaughter who has also been doing Ballroom and Latin since she was nearly three.. We all get swept up in the waltz and music… Sending love your way, I cannot promise to join the challenge but so enjoyed your muse my friend. 🙂

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  2. Okay, you call it a challenge… and I feel somewhat so.
    Do I need to copy – “She’s the one for the next dance.
    put my words here, then
    “She displays a slight smile as I approach.”
    put my words.
    Do my lines need to follow & feed into your lines?
    This would be a combo prose.

    OR do i write a prose:
    Which feeds into your prose, but is still its own work?

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