On Beach Walk #64 (Creativity)

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Creativity is a powerful word – so are related words create and creative. These words of similar meaning, but create is the verb, creativity the noun, and creative the adjective – but today I think of these words as a collective.

My first thought is about those creative with their hands – sowers, quilters, crafters, 3-dimensional artists as potters, sculptures, and others. Definitely not my strength, but these are skills that can be learned.

To some, creative people can draw and paint. Whereas some seem to be naturally gifted with this skill, but nope again, not my strength.

I think of an art teacher who once told me that anyone can learn to draw because there are four things to do – draw straight lines, draw curved lines, establish the proper proportions between them along with the correct angles. His words opened the world of drawing to me because I could now see the world through a different lens – a world that I did not know.

Did that improve my creativity? Oh yes, but I still don’t draw well because I didn’t practice, yet, there are times I look at something in terms of straight lines, curves, proportions, and angles – and yes – I see them!

One aspect of creativity is being able to think outside the box. A different way that others don’t. Now that I can do. Some see the solution as choice A, B, or a compromise of the two. The creative thinkers are the ones that find a new solution beyond those choices.

An architect told me that he has to have at least one architect in his office that is creative in his designs. Not necessarily abstract or modernistic looking – but one who finds a creative solution that meets the client’s wants and needs. A skill that not all architects have. But for those who have visited La Sagrada in Barcelona, Spain, Gaudi’s creativity is unique.

Sometimes architects are ahead of their time – but as time moves on, those designs transition into the mainstream. In some cases, even out of date.

Design engineers have to think ahead about future generations of their product. That would be true for a vacuum cleaner – but also for complex equipment as a jet engine. Creativity is an essential ingredient in innovation and improvement.

For scientists as Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and countless others, they thought outside of the box to develop their laws and theories. In general, physicists have a knack for creative forward thinking.

Trade workers as carpenters and plumbers are always problem solving. They face problems on a daily basis requiring a creative solution – and they seem to do it.

The creativity of musicians is impressive. Mozart’s composed music with many notes that can be too busy for some to hear. Think about how many types, styles, and genres of music humanity has created through the creativity of creative musicians.

Creativity is also a gift for writers and poets. A creativity they share through the novels, short stories, poems, and more.

Let us not forget nature’s creativity. It’s changing shapes and designs to optimize efficiency. The designs in shapes and colors seen in the shells on the beach that I walk. The creative ways different organisms capture food. After all, not all beaks and bills of birds are the same because they are specialized for different purposes. Yes, nature’s creativity at work.

All of us have a creative side – but do we use it? Do we develop it? Do we recognize the creativity of others?

Unlike the beach that I walk, creativity has no boundaries. Nonetheless, I enjoy walking the beach because it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

48 thoughts on “On Beach Walk #64 (Creativity)

  1. Your comment about one architect in the office needing to be creative to balance, in my father’s words, the “two rooms and a path-ers,” brings back memories of dad describing at dinnertime his efforts during the day to coordinate the architects and engineers with the clients.

    As to creativity in music, my top rankings go to jazz musicians and Mozart’s operas.

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    • Sylvia,
      Exposing children is important – yet creativity is still important to all. As you stated, sometimes it comes at later in life. On the other hand, creativity is not limited to the arts – and can be applied to all fields.

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  2. You left one obvious creative category missing from your list…those who can dance. I am in awe of people whose feet move to the rhythm of the music without looking like the body they are attached to is windmilling. LOL As always, a delightful walk along, Frank.

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  3. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “Creative is as creative does.” We’re all creative to greater or lesser extent, but it really is more about doing than thinking. Those who take the risk of expressing their creativity come across as being “more” creative. It doesn’t mean they really are more creative, but they are more daring.

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  4. Aahhh … these beach walks bring out so much in the way of creativity too, aFrank.
    As an artist, I must agree with the concept that art can be taught. Those who have some level of talent will manage to create whatever type of art they’re drawn to. However, I feel a true artist is one who takes the simple basics that art teachers show and bring them to another level through their feelings. To me, art is the expression of feelings within ones heart, mind and emotions. Anyone can draw a square or imitate a famous style of painting but a true artist goes deep inside the find the hidden treasures within.
    YES … we can still walk here in the Florida waters. Dipping our toes in the hint of coolness that is quite so refreshing. Temps 72 daily – 62 evenings. Sending rays of sunshine to warm your heart and creative mind. Have a great week …
    Isadora 😎

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  5. I can’t draw or paint or sculpt…but I’m a cultural creative, and that serves me well. Creativity and artistic expression are not always the same thing. I enjoyed your thoughts, as always, Frank.

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    • Debra,
      You’ve added to the list of things we have in common. 🙂 Agree that creativity and artistic impression are different, but I would clarify the some artists are creative in the expression.


  6. I just did a presentation on creativity (as it relates to writing and publishing and finding our purr, since I was promoting my book MOLLY FINDS HER PURR) on December 10 at a library in the SF bay area. And I began asking the attendees (about 35) how many were creatives. At the beginning of my talk about 5 people hesitantly raised their hands. By the end of my talk, at least 15 did. 🙂 I listed occupations that Creatives love, and besides writers and painters the list included architects and archeologists and all the ones you mention above. I ended my presentation with Albert Einstein’s quote that logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will get you anywhere.
    So I loved this post and, as you know, I also love walking on the beach.

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  7. Frank, thank you for another wonderful Beach Walk!
    I am a creative person. I lived in poverty until I found a way to make money, applying my talent & ability to the film industry. I think many creative people have & have had a difficult time earning a living wage with their abilities. How many artists died in poverty, yet now their paintings are worth millions?

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