On Easter 2009

Easter, the most important day on the Christian calendar, sets the foundation for Christianity. We Christians come in as many denominations, but regardless of our differences, this is the day that truly unites us as one.

As noted before, I play in a church bell choir, thus my Easter gift to everyone is Easter Joy, the song we’re playing this weekend. This is not us as we play it a tad faster, however, you can see different techniques by watching the two closest to the camera.

Happy Easter to Christian readers, and to others, blessings to you and I hope you enjoy the music.

An Incredible Gift of Music

About 5 years ago our church started a chime choir for adults. Since my wife wanted to get back into music, she jumped at the opportunity, and I joined her the following week to raise the total membership to five. Although all of us had musical backgrounds, none of us had experience with chimes or bells. I still recall our first “performance” as each of us had 8-10 chimes in front of us to play — and we didn’t have experience!

We’ve steady grown through the years in both numbers and abilities – and have played some very interesting pieces. Today, there are about a dozen of us and we’ve transitioned into bells and bells with chimes. For those familiar with handbell/chime music, we play level 2+ and level 3 pieces. On the other hand, we’re not the Raleigh Ringers!

The Christmas season brings us beautiful music, and time has brought us the contemporary, moving sounds of Manheim Steamroller and the Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO).  In the spirit of Santa and as my holiday gift to you, sit back, enjoy, and marvel watching the Raleigh Ringers play a fast TSO song that you probably know (Wizards in Winter). Meanwhile, it’s time to take a few days off.

Merry Christmas to my Christian readers; and to others, happy holidays in the spirit of the greeting you prefer.