Sky: The Musical – Act 2: Sun

The Story
The sky towers above – seemingly endless, but is it.

The sky is a place for imagination – imagine the swift flight of a local bird – imagining the float of a butterfly – imagining the soar like an eagle – imagining being on a plane to an exotic land

The sky is a place for dreams – of course, the dreams to fly – but also the dreams to go beyond – dreams of a future love we don’t yet know – dreams of the love we have – dreams of a love that remains for someone who is gone.

The sky – a place for contemplation – wondering about what to do – wondering what will be – wondering what has been.

The sky as a metaphor – a smoke – whether haunting or hopeful – a sign of brightness and darkness – for calm and storm – a blanket – infinity.

The sky is a place for everyday things – a place that never seems the same – the place that is the steadiness of the sun, the moon, the clouds, and the stars.

Welcome to Sky: The Musical.

Act 1: Sky

Act 2: Sun

The sun – the foundation of all living things on Earth.

The sun – it rises, it shines, then it sets …. then a new sun returns.

The sun – it carries all the colors in the world around us, but the objects determine their display.

The sun – the brightness of joy – the guide to brightness and hope while casting the shadow of burden.

The sun – it shines rays of memories, which sadden the heart which we can convert into smiles.

The sun not only displaces the darkness of night, it works to remove hatred.


  • Songs with either Sun, Suns, or Sunny must be in the title
  • Caution: No songs using Sun as a compound word (sunshine, sunbeam, sundown etc)
  • No versions of Son are acceptable
  • No duplicates songs regardless of artists

Production Note
To prevent browsers crashing from loading too many videos, please 1) include the song title and artist in your text, and 2) paste the URL as part of your last line (not a new line). The latter will provide a link, thus not embed the actual video … but I don’t mind unembedding, so apologies are not necessary.

The sun not only provides our daily light, it also serves as the basis for many enjoyable songs. Our production team not only works hard at securing a quality opening performance to start each act, they try not to take the most-popular songs. However, this time is an exception because the song title is most fitting for what is to come. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the great George Harrison and some of his friends with Here Comes the Sun.