On Aerobic Monday

Whew … an interesting weather weekend for Cincinnati. From Friday’s sunny and pleasant day, to Saturday’s sunny, very warm, and muggy, to Sunday’s rains. Then again, that’s April … and for us in the northern hemisphere, April is generally better than March.

How was the weather in your area? What did you do this weekend? Come on now – tell us something.

Our weekend involved an evening of ballroom, taking long walks, working Sunday, ushering at church, attending a wedding, and Quick Step formation practice. Meanwhile, I need to explain Quick Step.

For those remembering a geography trivia question in the last Opinions in the Shorts, see Stamford, go north, south, east, and west, from Stamford Connecticut (or Connecticut’s southwestern corner). For my standpoint, List of X was also correct – and as I responded to him, the person who first asked me the question many years ago included “population center” in the question. X – how did you determine your answer?

Celebrations for Your Week

  • (Week) Cleaning for a Reason Week, Organize Your Files Week, Medical Labs Week, Human Violence Awareness Week, Laboratory Animal Liberation Week, Home Furnishings Week, Wildlife Film Week, Consumer Awareness Week, Money Smart Week, Infant Immunization Week, Park Week, Police Officers Who Gave Their Lives in the Line of Duty Week, Administrative Professionals Week, Bedbug Awareness Week, Coin Week, Fibroid Awareness Week, Oral-Head-and-Neck-Cancer Awareness Week, Crime Victims Rights Week, Environmental Education Week, Infertility Awareness Week, Karaoke Week, Pet ID Week, Princess Week, Bubblegum Week, Sky Awareness Week, Week of the Ocean, Bike Safety Week, Pan American Week, Boys & Girls Club Week, Adult Films Week, Explore Your Career Week, Science & Technology Week
  • (Mon) Cuckoo Day, Food Day, Look Alike Day, Lima Bean Respect Day, Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day, Chinese Language Day, Pot Smokers Day, Medical Marijuana Day, Make a Quilt Day, Volunteer Recognition Day, Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • (Tues) Red Baron Day, Bulldogs are Beautiful Day, Rosita’s Birthday (Sesame Street), Kindergarten Day, Jet Passenger Service Day, Surprise Drug Test Day, Chocolate Covered Cashews Day, San Jacinto Day, Tuna Rights Day, Big Word Day
  • (Wed) Earth Day, Jelly Bean Day, April Shows Day, Administrative Professionals Day, Global Selfie Earth Day
  • (Thurs) Talk Like Shakespeare Day, Take a Chance Day, Picnic Day, Nose Picking Day, Garlic Day, Movie Theater Day, Lost Dogs Awareness Day, Cherry Cheesecake Day, Impossible Astronaut Day, Take Your Kids to Work Day, English Language Day, World Book & Copyright Day, Home Run Day, Shirley Temple Day, Fire Drill Day, Lover’s Day, Laboratory Day, Peppercorn Day

Some commercials are very fitting to start your week with a smile. This one is from across the pond, so our European friends may be familiar with this one. Have a good rest of the week.


63 thoughts on “On Aerobic Monday

  1. It’s been really hot here, and I stayed indoors today, “Cleaning for a reason.” With the family arriving on Tuesday, we had to clean out the cupboards in two of the bedrooms, so my winter clothes got put away in suitcases. πŸ™‚


  2. We saw The Woman in Gold this weekend. Such a good movie! I highly recommend it. Just as I highly recommend cherry cheesecake. And now that I know there’s a day for it coming up this week, I’m obligated to have a piece…


  3. Major storms hit the area this weekend, all those poor folks at the ACM awards over at AT&T Stadium – got nailed by rain and hail last night. We had the main trunk branch snap off one of our very large Oak trees – I know what we’ll be working on this week. This week involved starting to trim the hedges – love working hard in the yard. Nice long walk too. Have a great week Frank! Thank you for the song last week ~


  4. Spring has been capricious, and I feel we’ve been under her thumb far too long.

    I went to a surprise 60th birthday party for an old friend held in the same bar we all often gathered in. Where I seen bands like Rush before Neil Pert, the Guess Who, then Burton without the Guess, then BTO, then Rush with Neil Pert, Major Hoople’s Boarding House Band, I could go on but won’t. It was good time, plenty of laughs and good nature ribbing. Though upon leaving, driving home I was rather shocked as to how many faces were missing, passed on far to early in life.

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  5. I spent the weekend sorting out my tiny house to make room for an unexpected house guest. Trying and failing to find time to get into the garden and put her to rest for the winter…….. training puppy to walk off leash – long overdue training I might add, trying to write a succinct post about my US adventure and failing at that too……. so it’s coming in installments! I’m still jet lagged and just want to sleep! πŸ™‚


  6. How I found the answer? Thanks to Google – although using Google Maps rather than Googling for the answer. I just figured out that if there is a part of one state that extends far enough diagonally into another, it would meet the criteria, and went looking for one along the curviest borders (which probably excluded most of the borders since they’re often go in a straight line). That place was the first I found, but I also found many more places like that along Mississippi river, and surely many places like that exist along other river borders.
    I never thought about Stamford, even though I drove through it probably over 100 times.
    Fittingly, I’ve watched a few episodes of How The States Got Their Shapes recently. πŸ™‚


  7. Saturday’s weather was fantastic, Frank, even though Milton and I spent most of it indoors catching two plays on Broadway and eating in-between. The temperature climbed close to 80 and felt great. Sunday was much cooler, but again, I spent much of that day indoors, too, watching a few classic Preston Sturges films at a revival house in downtown Manhattan with my bud, Martini Max. We ate later and limited our quaffing to Sangria.

    I noticed that you did not note that Tuesday is Jury Duty Day! Maybe it’s just that day for me? I am definitely not celebrating it.


    • Lame,
      Wow … a weekend full of the arts … hopefully some good ones. Because of the wedding, we found subs for our ushering, Good luck with jury duty …. remember – off with their head, then ask questions.


  8. Love that video!!! Rowing regatta for my son last weekend and he won 2 silver medals and his first gold! Got a sunburn out in 80 degree weather all day – now I’m in Pittsburgh until Tuesday for a conference where it’s rainy but warm. Hope you have a great week!

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    • Kelly,
      Hooray for your son and the rewards for his efforts. Rowing is very demanding! Rainy indeed … and a cool week ahead for us – but hey – it’s April. Hope all goes well in Pittsburgh. Enjoy the conference.

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      • Thanks Frank! Yes, rowing is the most demanding sport I’ve ever encountered. He loves it though, so I’ll be entrenched for the next 3 years and possibly college. Have a great week – I will be reading my favorite blogs when I can πŸ™‚

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  9. So it was Stamford. Who knew? Certainly not me πŸ™‚ although I did consider it for a while then talked myself out of it because if I went south I’d end up in the ocean.


  10. It has finally been warm enough for all our snow to have melted except two stubborn piles. Rain everyday this week will take care of that. Wish I could say I was doing something fun over the weekend but packing for a move doesn’t count. Loved the video…European commercials can be so clever. Hope you have a great week.


      • Thanks Frank, life is definitely full of stress lately with the move ahead. Sorry I haven’t had the chance to visit your blog as I should with all the challenges lately. Your posts are always a breath of fresh air and a nice way to start each day.


        • Many thanks for the kind words. Meanwhile, during our moving time a year ago, I had to minimize my blog time … and even at times, eliminate. So take care of the business at hand without worrying about us.


  11. It sounds like you had a busy weekend! You already read about part of mine. The weather here was beautiful, but as you said capricious today–heavy rain in the morning, sunshine this afternoon, and thunderstorms expected later tonight.


  12. Am dying with the commercial Frank, I guess I don’t watch enough TV.

    Our weather was storming, lots of thunder, lightening and rain. We need it so I will take it. Today though, it was beautiful.

    I simply cannot pick a day, so I will take Human Violence Awareness week.


    • Val,
      You’ve been around here enough that I aim for chuckles and smiles to start the week … so it seems I achieve it! πŸ™‚

      I’ve heard about the storms in your state. Then again, you gotta get the rain before the summer heat.

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  13. Totally missed this post…musta been because I was fretting over my son who decided to ditch school to hang out on Mount Royal to celebrate 4/20 as he calls it… πŸ˜‰
    Week-end was gorgeous and, other than taking down the Tempo, pretty relaxing.
    I should be organizing and cleaning. I really should.
    Almost always Food day in my house but ooohhh… pineapple-upside-down cake – haven’t made on of those in ages!
    Chocolate-covered anything sounds good right now.
    Gotta respect Mother Earth.
    Cherry Cheesecake is my favourite of the cheesecakes! Especially when topped with that canned stuff that is for pies…
    OK… I’ll “shut up” now…


  14. lol! Great commercial. Thanks for sharing it. My weekend was so full and busy that I’m still getting caught up during the week. Lots of yard work and gardening going on here at the ranch, and we’re getting ready to start the next room in the renovation process (the guest bath).


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