Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 270

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With more than 460 days until Election Day, why are the debates starting so early?

This Onion headline made me laugh: Over Crowded GOP field forces Iowa to construct massive town hall stadium.

The Onion has let me down by not preparing a profile for Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) .. maybe his jump in a recent poll will spark one. Former Gov. Jim Gilmore (R-VA) is candidate #17, and another one with no chance … well, in my opinion.

Making no bones about it, I’m one who believes (and have for a long time) that education needs reform. Although the need is there, the obstacles are plentiful. Reform-minded superintendents are rare, but for the few that are, the public will prevent change.

The Internet and various software technology has given everyone a chance to observe a wide variety of human creativity. The 8-second video below is a hoot!

For those who miss the list of celebrations by the day, week, and month, here are the two sites that served as my main sources: One and Two.

This last act of Meals: The Musical takes to the stage next week. The dinner is done, the guest are gone, and there is a lot to clean. Song titles must include any of the following in the title. knives, forks, spoons, plates, bowls, cups, dishes, pots, pans, and kettles. Singular forms are acceptable. Show time is this coming Wednesday at 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

The collaboration with Robin about light was well received. Thanks again to Robin for the images … and yes, I would collaborate again with her. Meanwhile, another collaboration is about ready, thus I anticipate it going live in two weeks, but I will work with the collaborator to get a date.

I’m looking for ideas where I can feature a word with many meanings (such as light). Good words are those that can be a noun, verb, and adjective. Any suggestions?

The Explore series continues on Saturday featuring a wonderful video about a person, place, or thing.

To lead you into The Onion, here’s their infographic about the Life and Works of Dr. Seuss.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Study: Those that go to college earn more degrees in the lifetime than those who don’t
Frustrated man doesn’t know what else to do to get cat purring
Chinese factory worker cannot believe the shit he makes for Americans
Man races against time to take out trash bag with widening puncture
Male orgasm captured on film

Interesting Reads
Tips for grilling burgers
60 years after Rock Around the Clock
Top 10 battles of World War I
Electronics and the doctor’s bag
Pee-proof paint
Good interactive map about global population shifts

To send you into the weekend, here’s a flashback from the 80s. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


47 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 270

    • Pauline,
      My wife saw the garbage cans on Facebook …. so I searched for it on YouTube, thus surprised on the small number of views. Hmmmm … maybe we are ahead of the curve. Hope all is well with you.


  1. The answer to your question: “With more than 460 days until Election Day, why are the debates starting so early?” is that your math is off. There are 186 days left until the Iowa Caucuses, which start Feb. 1, 2016, with the New Hampshire Primary election the following week on Feb. 9.

    Your comment on education reform prods me to get going on your assignment for me to provide a full report on why Finland suddenly has decided to overhaul its K-12 education system.


    • Tim,
      1) I didn’t assign the question about Finland … you assigned it to yourself.

      2) So you are telling me that the people of Iowa and New Hampshire need 5-6 months to make a decision?

      3) In terms of my math being off


      • I rate your “Wrong Answer/Britain’s Got Talent Buzzer Sound SX” to be among my TOP 3 favorite sound punishments for wrong, inaccurate, inappropriate, or deliberately falsified answers. My other two include LA radio sports talk show host Jim Rome’s “ERRRRRRRR” and “Beulah the Buzzer” from NBC’s original “Truth or Consequences” show.


  2. Sixty years since ‘Rock around the clock’! Now I really feel old, Frank. 😕 That said, I’m so glad I was born when I was, as I really think I’ve lived through the best popular music this world will ever know. Thanks for the Trash Can LOL moment. 🙂


  3. was never a fan of that 80’s video because there was just nothing sexy about a woman playing a saxophone. not that they need to care what i find sexy.

    as for words, consider these: good normal right


  4. I’ve always wondered what factory workers in other countries think of us when they make some of the stupid stuff we buy. Can you imagine the conversation with the worker’s family the first time someone made us a whoopie cushion?

    Love the trash can video!


  5. Frank, are you okay????? ….. you got me worried when you said you couldn’t read my post. Or maybe you meant there was a technical issue.
    What a beautiful post you have created here …. the images are magical.
    I’m a bit worried for US this election … and the world too .. when guys like Donald can be in the race. For me it’s scary … very scary, with values like his .. and maybe end up as the most powerful man in the world.
    Love the little bin video. I wish you both a lovely weekend.


    • Viveka,
      The election is so far away, I’m not worried about The Donald … not at all … thus you shouldn’t worry. Keep in mind that US presidential elections involve at least a 2-year process … which is crazy!

      BTW – I should you read the prior post about “light” because I think you’ll love it.


  6. Our presidential elections are way, way too long! Oh, well, it is quite entertaining already. Loved the trash can video and love Garrison Keillor. Cheers for the weekend! Thanks for the recent visit to my humble blog.


    • Crone,
      Absolutely too long – thus the reason for my comment regarding the debates. Totally crazy … but it also shows how money talks (sad to say). Glad you enjoyed the trash can video.


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