Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 327

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Too bad for the blunder regarding the Oscar for Best Picture. I especially feel for Warren Beatty. On the other hand, Faye Dunaway blew it. Cheers to La La Land producer Jason Horowitz who graciously announced Moonlight.

We enjoy visiting Europe, but I can see the EU requiring Americans to have visas.

This is very unusual for me – I have 16 posts currently in the Draft queue (and most are ready to go). 🙂

This video from Boston Dynamics reminded me of Stars Wars.

Congratulations to John Howell, a blogger and frequent visitor here, on the recent release of a new book. John writes thrillers, so if you read it and don’t like it, tell him it’s Obama’s fault. His post (linked above) has links to paperback and Kindle versions.

More beach walks are coming, so I invite you to also see the videos as I tried to match them to the theme.

I may will have a post this weekend. If I get it ready, yes. If not. It’s obviously ready. 🙂

My wife safely returned home from her girls cruise. She had a wonderful time and great weather over 9 days of cruising from Miami to Labadee, Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, and back to Miami – and I had a wonderful time doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Life is now back to normal.

Busy weekends ahead for us with the Cincinnati Wine Festival and a regional handbell gathering (of I’m guess at least 600 ringers).

I plan on watching President Trump’s first speech to Congress, and I successfully implemented my plan, including not watching the Democratic response. I continue to be firmly against the opposition party getting time for their response. In terms of the speech, I wish members of Congress would applaud at the beginning, applaud at the end, and only sit and listen during the speech. It’s a serious occasion – not a damn pep rally.

President Trump’s approach to nationalism is part of a global trend – a trend that may be the biggest less-reported threats we face today.

Cheers to the Republicans in Congress who faced angry town halls without offering excuses about Democrats, people from outside the district, sore losers, and more.

A friend asked me if I was interested in joining a coalition to impeach President Trump. Now that’s a funny request because I don’t want to be associated with a coalition involving partisan hooligans and hacks from a political party.

Those who got their shorts in a know from the way Kellyanne Conway was sitting on the Oval Office coach have too much time on their hands.

I would love to see about 15 senators from each party leave their party to form a new caucus. Then again, that would require guts, something they lack.

Former President Obama’s Five Faults of the Week
The announcement snafu at the Academy Awards regarding Best Picture
Unseasonably warm temperatures in February
People not recycling
University of Cincinnati losing a basketball game to a team they should have beaten
Blaming anything on someone other than Obama

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion offers tips for handling online harassment.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
NASA launches first cordless satellite
Lowe’s debuts new travel plunger with collapsible handle
Large mirror brought onto Oscar’s stage gets resounding 6-minute standing ovation
Horny man not even going to inflate her all the way
American Airlines wants to phase out complimentary cabin pressurization

Interesting Reads
Beechey Island – the island of lost explorers
About biofuels
Aircraft carriers
Legislative prayer, the high court, and the justice nominee
A response to vaginal glue
Americans feelings toward religious groups
(Photo Gallery) Carnival around the world

Here’s Huey Lewis and the News to send you into the weekend. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

31 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 327

  1. I love “The Heart of Rock and Roll” but had forgotten about it for years–thanks! The Boston Dynamics video is fun–and very Star Wars-esque. Is it just me, or does the main character seem to be doing everything backwards?! That must be Obama’s fault, of course. Have a good weekend.

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    • Patti,
      Thanks for watching and enjoying the robotics video. My eyes are with yours because I thought the same thing about backwards … so yes, that is Obama’s fault. Cheers to your love for this week’s song!


  2. A well rounded, concise look at the week that was, Cincinnati Kid. I didn’t watch the Oscars this year for the first time since . . probably high school. I was just exhausted from a long day.

    And yes, I blamed my exhaustion on Obama. 🙂

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  3. I couldn’t stay up to watch the entire Academy Awards show, but I’m glad Moonlight won. My husband and I both picked it as our best movie, but we didn’t think it would win.

    I didn’t watch dt speak because I can’t stand to listen to him, and I thought I’d be too upset to go to sleep afterwards. Well, you know my feelings about him and his gang of merry swamp dwellers. 🙂

    It sounds like you and the safely-returned Ms.Angle have a fun weekend ahead of you. Enjoy!

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  4. So you’ve got a beef with the decorum at joint sessions of Congress? Blame the British House of Commons! Long ago they stripped the pompous asses in the House of Lords of their significant powers, and made lawmaking in the UK a delightfully boisterous affair, which warms my heart when I imagine Donald Trump standing in front of the MPs if he dared enter that chamber on his upcoming state visit to England.

    I saw “Moonlight” last night.

    The Pew Research Center article on Americans’ feelings towards religious groups went into the trunk of my car.

    Heaven help us all – if the day comes when you have to get a visa to visit your relatives in Italy.

    A combined splat from today’s Onions.

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    • Tim,
      Nope – not going to blame the Brits. If anything, it’s Obama’s fault … after all, I can’t recall anyone shouting during the speech. Meanwhile, these are important speeches, so they should be treated more than a pep rally.


  5. When I was in Massachusetts in December for a book-selling event, I stepped outside of the hotel to get more books and saw a giant Oscar-Meyer Weiner truck in the lot. It was so unexpected I laughed out loud. Then I tweeted a pic of it. 😬

    Have fun at the wine festival!

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  6. The Weinermobile came through our area one day a few years back and my wife was able to take a picture of it “rolling” through an intersection. Variety Magazine has taken the Oscar envelope fiasco to Zapruder-like heights with frame-by-frame close-up shots of the PWC accounting partner tweeting, mixing up the envelopes, etc. Enjoy the wine and the bells.

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  7. The article on aircraft carriers was good, but it could have added more. The modern nuclear-powered carrier is a formidable weapons system, but this one is packed with many unproven technologies and is a good example of the military industrial complex run wild. (The competition is almost non-existant – Russia and China each have one and they are pathetic in comparison.)

    Construction of the USS Gerald R. Ford was begun in 2005 and is only now about ready for sea trials. Full operational capability is still a several years away. The Ford will cost $13 billion and her 75 or 80 F-35 airplanes will cost $100 million each. The questions pend:

    1. Is there any sane limit to defense spending?
    2. Are we putting our defense money toward the right threats?

    I am very much in favor of aircraft carriers but, as a submariner I must also note that as a single submarine target, the Ford and her planes would be worth $20,000,000,000.

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    • Jim,
      I appreciate your perspective on this, after all, I was hoping you would see this article. You got me wondering, I wonder if planners could develop an underwater aircraft carrier (thus could double as a sub).


      • I recall that Japan did launch a single airplane from a submarine during WW II, although there was no way for the sub to recover it after its mission. It was in kit form with final assembly after the sub surfaced. In the period after WW II, early versions of cruise missiles were carried on submarines, but of course those planes were unmanned. Space on a submarine (pressure-hull diameter) is severely limited by the tensile strength of metal alloys, so subs could never carry competitive planes, much less launch them – no catapults. Now, drones would be a different matter.

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  8. I hope one of those cued up posts is a response to Trump accusing President Obama of wire tapping him, which explains why he’s in deep do-do regarding the Russians. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    As to the Oscars, I really wanted La La Land to win best picture. Saw Moonlight today and didn’t think it deserved best pic.

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  9. E-Tom,
    Trump hit the nail on the head because I have not doubt that his trouble is Obama’s fault. No question. In terms of the Oscars, I didn’t see Moonlight … I enjoyed Hidden Figures more than La La Land, but it wasn’t better in terms of the Oscar. Oh well. … I’m still reeling from LA Confidential losing to Titanic.


  10. The Academy Awards didn’t disappoint at the end there when it came to drama ~ which was quite fitting considering all the dramatic films that were nominated that night 😉 Did you go to the wine festival and, if so, how was it? Cheers xx

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