They’ve Earned it Rankings Week 9 ’09

Week 9 allowed the Ducks to make a serious statement and the Longhorns to show that they are a serious contender.  Other than that, most teams held serve.

Up- Oregon, Florida, Cincinnati, Texas
Down- Iowa, Ga. Tech, LSU, TCU
New – Boise
Out- USC

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. Oregon (7-1) Next: @ Stanford
  2. Alabama (9-0) Next: LSU
  3. Iowa (9-0) Next: Northwestern
  4. Florida (8-0) Next: Vanderbilt
  5. Georgia Tech (7-1) Next: Wake Forest
  6. Texas (8-0) Next: Central Florida
  7. Cincinnati (8-0) Next: UConn
  8. LSU (7-1) Next: @ Alabama
  9. TCU (8-0) Next: @ San Diego State
  10. Boise (8-0) Next: @ Louisiana Tech

Besides games involving the top 10 teams, here are the potential ranking-impact games.

  • Ohio State @ Penn State
  • Houston @ Tulsa

As I’m also keeping a curious eye on Va. Tech @ ECU, a big BOOOOOO to Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky, and Mississippi for playing nonD1 teams at this point in the season. That’s pathetic and shame on the SEC for the way they schedule league games.